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Wanderer soul, with a firmly love for fashion and The Arts, she loves movies and travels, her daily and never-ending inspiration. Love cats & animals and really want to have a dog and call him Chanchito.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

01 / 2013 Current

NSTS English School, Malta

Media Communications

I'm in charge of spreading into the world our English School's offers and values. I constantly create and research contents for our Facebook page ( , our Instagram profile (, our Twitter account (, Pinterest profile ( and Google+ ( I also manage Facebook Advert Campaigns. As a plus, I have the responsibility to create our daily promotional materials, simple but effective flyers and art works (using graphic tools as Gimp, Canva, PickMonkey and Fotor). I'm involved in the conception of our brochures mostly taking care of the visual aspect. I'm in charge of organizing our photographic archive, choosing the right pictures for every requests coming from my colleagues or our partners; I'm always around taking pictures trying to catch the perfect spirit of NSTS and Malta. During these years, I had the occasion to be a tutors for a lot of interns who choose our company to conduct their work experience. I organized and developed different video/photo projects in collaboration with local and foreign artists to promote Malta and our school.

01 / 2012 01 / 2013

Con I Minuti Contati

Social Media Coordinator, Web ContentManager

CON I MINUTI CONTATI is an International Short Film Festival which takes place every year in Montefalco (PG). I was in charge of the the updating of their official web site, as well as their Facebook page, Twitter account, Youtube and Vimeo channel.

01 / 2012 01 / 2013

Terre di Siena Film Festival

Social Media Coordinator, Web ContentManager

TERRE DI SIENA FILM FESTIVAL is an International Film Festival which takes place every year in beautiful Siena. I was in charge of the updating of their official web site, as well as Facebook page.

01 / 2012 01 / 2013

Auser Italia

Tutor, Coordinator

AUSER is a national association and its mission is to promote the self-management of services and actions for solidarity, supporting the right of older people to continue to play an active role on a social and economic level by making the most of their specific experiences, skills and abilities.In my province we organize a specific teaching program for elderly people to teach them how to use a computer as well as the net. For the role of teachers we usually engage teenagers just to improve better inter generational connections. I was in charge of organizing the entire course, that means choosing the right lessons, choosing proper way to explain and tutoring our young teachers during their class lessons.

01 / 2012 01 / 2013

Partito Democratico - Villadossola

Communication coordinator

During the local election I was in charged to promote our current city major electoral campaign on line and off line.I've created and curated an ad hoc facebook profile as well as a facebook page for his whole team

01 / 2010 Current

I Love Models Management, Milan

Social Media Executive, Booker associate

I was in charge of the updating of the web site, our blog and Facebook page. I was also in charge of creating our models personal books and composit by choosing the best shots. Other duties: organizing fashion shoots, casting and fashion runways appointments, organizing travels and go abroad to scouts new faces.

01 / 2008 01 / 2009

Rococo Chocolates - London

Sales Associate, Check-out clerk, Visual Merchandiser

Sales Associate, Check-out clerk, Visual Merchandiser for a prestigous London based chocolates botique

01 / 2001 01 / 2008

Coop Italia

Check-out clerk, Sales Associate

Check-out clerk / Sales associate in a local supermarket for the biggest Italian food retail company


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

2011 2012

24 Ore Business School

Digital Communication (Master)

The aim of the master was to teach us all the secrets to achieve the best practice in running web sites, blogs and social medias tools, in particularly we learned how to be a good web editor and content curator, how to use blogs and social media to increase the presence on the web (with marketing technique of SEO and SEM) and also which strategy works better in any e-commerce reality.

2004 2010

Universit degli Studi di Milano

Political Science - Master in Sociology

Masters Degree in Political Science with a specialization in Sociology. My final thesis (History of Journalism) was entitled The Ladys World and The Womans World: the comparison of two monthly magazine in Victorian era. Grade: 97/110

2007 2015

Central Saint Martins (UAL - University of the Arts London)

1993 1998

Istituto Istruzione Superiore C.A DALLA CHIESA - A. SPINELLI

Foreign Languages and Tourism studies

High School Diploma - Foreign Languages (French, English and German) plus Tourism subjects.


Social Media Management, Content Curation, Trending Content Research
Social Media Graphics, Promotional Design
Project Management
Photo archive, Photography, Art Direction (video/photo)
Tutoring/Managing people

Multidisciplinary Knowledge, Creativity
Ideas, Imagination
Finding New Way
Insatiable Web Surfing

Fashion Styling, Location Scouting, Model Scouting


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.


New, creative ways to teach and learn English using a mesmerizing social tool: Pinterest


This is my Fashion Blog. Started in 2008 as a way to express my ideas and creativity - and of course my love for fashion, it helped me to understand my love for the Communication 2.0 and encouraged me to transform a early passion into my profession


Short videos to promote Malta. Work in progress !


Flyers, Advertising, Social Media Post, Voucher, Promotion


My favourite pictures selection shot for NSTS English Language School around wonderful Malta


During these years I have created a huge, personal location gallery, for future fashion editorials, adverts, movies...


Mymemorabilia... Art Direction and Fashion Styling course final essay, ideas for fashion editorials, fashion editorials project boards.


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