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My name is Bob Willey and I own Bob's Neat Books & Bob's Neat Stuff.

We've been selling on Amazon using FBA since June of 2008, and on Amazon over 10+ years. And now also runs

We are mostly FBA and we use FBA to sell practically anything! When it comes to selling on Amazon using FBA, we don't discriminate. The only requirement is that the items are profitable! We sell toys, games, grocery, auto parts, collectibles, health/beautry, home, baby, sports, electronics, books, and media items such as DVDs, CDs, even VHS tapes! We've also been selling on eBay since 1998 with over 11,000 feedbacks (100% Positive)!!

Also sold for others (Consignment) for years. Also sell some Media items on eBay.

I also Buy Books / Media / Toys / Games.

I also moderate the YahooGroup FBAForum Over 5,000 members strong, started in August 2008. Also Amazon FBA Newbies on Facebook (over 10,000+ members). I also run on Facebook the groups: BookSellersFBA & FBAForum, all FREE groups

My background is varied, as I owned a computer consulting business for 28+ years, and a Brick-n-mortar Auction House for 5 years with a weekly auction filling a 15,000 sq ft building. Plus I have done over 150 Estate Appraisals.

OK, I enjoy STUFF....

I also ran the Support Desk/Departmant for for almost 3 years, and also worked at Jim Cockrum Coaching as Senior Coach in 2014.

The newest addition is a an Annual Coach/Mentor program to work with you all year to help build your healthy business, with monthly 1-on-1 Skype Video Chats and e-mail support. This program is for those that want to get personal service to get Fast-Tracked and have their own Coach/Mentor I don't pass you off to a team, you get me personally 1-on-1.


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Bob's Neat Books


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Jim Cockrum Coaching

Senior Coach

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Support Manager

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Provides Seller Coaching for Online Sellers Mission To assist you in improving and growing your online business. Company Overview Seller Coaching provides quality services for Online Sellers. Perfect for a start-up seller or a long-term established business as well. Customized training available hourly, by blocks of time, or project. One-on-one assistance by Video for YOUR needs. Established Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Seller (Bob Willey) provides the specific pieces that you need for your business. Learn... Grow... Prosper Now working with Description My goal is to provide training, assistance and guidance, so that my services will no longer be needed by you, and only have you come back for refresher or specific needs. NO long-term subscription, no monthly fees, just pay for what you use. General Information Background: Long-time Amazon & eBay seller (as well as other venues) Doing FBA over 4-1/2 years Moderator/Owner of YahooGroup: FBAForum (over 4,600 members strong) Was Co-Host of FBARadio program (

2005 Current

Bob's Neat Books


I buy all sorts of items: Books/Media Collectible Items (From Games/Toys, Comics, Trading/Sports Cards, Coins, Currency, unusual items) Check out:

2014 2015

Jim Cockrum Coaching

Senior Coach

Providing Coaching Services to Amazon Online Sellers, from beginners to advanced. 1-on-1 individual Coaching/Training done primarily with Skype Video Chat. Since leaving, I am still working with any of the students who had remaining sessions.

2011 2014

Support Manager

I ran the Support Desk at, in addition to running my own Online business and doing coaching for others at

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I run the Support Desk, and am Support Manager at FBAPower name was changed to


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1974 1977

Salisbury University - Perdue School of Business

1971 1974

Cambridge High School

High School/Secondary Diplomas and Certificates


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Joseph H.

Bob is a seasoned FBA seller, and an authority on Amazon FBA selling.
So when you join his coaching program, you'll be able to take advantage of his experience to learn the best tactics & tweaks on how to get started on FBA, including how to best utilize your budget to maximize your return on investment, not to mention where to find the most profitable products, sourcing ideas, sites, exclusive lists, to you name a few.
But most importantly, Bob will teach you how to take your FBA business to the next level and beyond!
And to me, that's simply the most valuable part of his coaching program period!

Marilee K.

Bob has been a God-send for me and my business! His support, tips and advice have helped steer me in the right direction. His availability and generosity with his time have been much appreciated. I was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed when I started with Bob, but with his help, I now feel very much on top of my business. Thanks, Bob! I could not have done it without you!

Diane P.

I was looking for a way to supplement my income and knew absolutely nothing about selling products online. I knew I needed a good education. I found Sensei Bob and signed up for a few coaching sessions to get me started. He’s been my mentor ever since – and he’s not ever going to get rid of me. Over the past year he has helped me to transition from a struggling newby to a real online seller with thousands of products in multiple genres. From simple answers to complex strategy issues, he’s been generous with his time, his wealth of knowledge and his sense of humor. I could not imagine being where I am without him to guide me. He is, by far, the most knowledgeable person I know in the area of online selling. I couldn’t be happier working with him.

I can also, as you are going through developing your site, get really specific into the nitty gritty:i.e. With Bob's guidance and sourcing techniques, I was able to build my book empire from zero to over 100,000 products of sellable inventory in a matter of months.i.e. Bob helped me be come approved in Amazon's most restrictive categories where I am now seeing the rewards of selling my own products.i.e. As a follower of a number of online forums and groups, I can attest that when Bob says something, people stop and listen.

Melissa G.

I was introduced to Bob Wiley Coaching through PAC and it was the best decision I ever made. Bob helped me with selling on Amazon by guiding me through the process and learning from his mistakes rather than making a ton on my own. Don’t get me wrong, the learning curve is still there to be sure, but with Bob in your back pocket the curve is manageable and exciting. The result is an ongoing relationship with a very knowledgeable and kind individual who gives freely of his experience and knowledge. He is full of fun and exciting stories of his adventures brimming with knowledge of Amazon and the systems around it. I highly recommend Bob Wiley to people who need assistance understanding Amazon selling and how to best utilize your time and efforts to become successful. He is a gifted mentor and a gem to anyone in the business.

Carsten T.

I'm very new to the online selling business. After spending a couple of months trying to piece together all the information I thought I needed to get my business going I kept running across other information sites presenting "new" or "better" information. It became very frustrating not knowing which steps I should take to get my business up and running. At that point I decided I needed the help of a professional and signed up for Bob's coaching service.

Bob has an extensive background in online selling and tremendous knowledge for just about every situation an online seller will come across. Through our one-on-one consultations and my email questions I've gathered vast amounts of important information from Bob that would have taken me many months to figure out on my own. Bob is so well respected in the online selling community his connections and resources are all top notch and add a huge amount of value to Bob's services.

Bob saved me huge amounts of time and money getting my business going and he continues to be a valuable resource to me whenever I need his help. I highly recommend his coaching services.

Larry C.

"In all my years of being in and owning my own business, I have spent into the low $100,000’s of thousands of dollars on mentors, coaches, consultants, seminars and boot camps. But I have never gotten as quick a Return-on-Investment or consistent ROI as I have with my short relationship with Bob.Every session I come away with something that makes me grow or make more money.Additionally, having Bob on my team is just exactly what I’ve always envisioned a mentor/coach should be…Competence plus Character!!"

Pat F.

“I live on an island off the coast of Maine and had sold a few personal items through Amazon. Before long I thought that Amazon could be the answer to my "work from home" prayers but I needed a mentor to hasten the learning curve as my expenses were outrunning my income.
Through all of the hype online with people trying to sell classes or programs to make yourself rich I found Bob Willey. He has a habit of gently leading you in the direction you need to go to accomplish your goals. Each person’s needs are a bit different. He spent our first session getting to know who I am, where I live and what I hope to gain by working with Amazon.
Scanning in shops was mostly out of the question for me as transporting mounds of product back to my home on the island proved to be very difficult since I needed to transfer from store to car to ferry to car to home then repack and ship. Bob quickly realized using that technique alone was not going to work for me and pointed me in another direction. He then carefully expanded my tools for acquiring product.
I find Bob to be a caring positive person. He is your cheering section when you get through one more step. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Eric O.

Bob's coaching was fantastic! His knowledge and years of experience as an Amazon FBA seller himself helped me cut down the learning curve substantially. I started using Bob's coaching services right out of the gate. In retrospect, I found all of his advice, input and feedback very accurate and helpful, and he never misdirected or misguided me. If you're looking for an Amazon FBA coach, I highly recommend Bob.

Mario D

I started selling on Amazon almost by accident. I purchased the Xbox One soon after it came out and I went in with all the bells and whistles. Soon after I realized that it was consuming too much of my spare time and I decided to sell the item on eBay. Within a few weeks I received an offer from an individual in India. I could not believe that a guy out of his condo in Virginia could sell an expense item to someone half way around the world! I was hooked, I wanted to learn how I could repeat this process to generate additional income for our household. I did some research on-line and found the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. I immediately applied what I learned and started to generate revenue almost immediately. I started with books and was doing pretty good but I wanted to take my business to the next level, my biggest constraint at the time was finding profitable inventory. I knew of Bob Wiley from some of the FBA forums that he manages. I decided to hire Bob as my business coach. I felt that he could help me achieve my goals at an accelerated pace. Almost immediately Bob showed me how to source product on-line, in stores and even had me accompany him to a trade show where I learned about establishing wholesale accounts. I went from making $575 in sales in May of 2014 to over $10,000 in December 2014. I did this while working a full-time and demanding job. My goal now is to create a sustainable business that will allow me to replace my six figure income and do this full time. With the experience and knowledge that I obtained with the help of Bob, I am very confident that I will soon be able to accomplish this goal.

Matt F.

"Bob has been an extremely valuable mentor, teacher, partner and resource to my new online business. Bob's wonderfully inviting demeanor encourages you to ask questions about improving your business without fear of feeling like you are asking stupid questions. His experience in online business coaching is a tremendous tool to grow and expand your business profitably. Bob works with the utmost integrity and has a great following of other online entrepreneurs that adds even more credibility than I can describe.”

"I have been working with Bob since December 2014 and I went from inexperienced and unprofitable to gaining confidence and profitability in less than 4 months! Bob is great!"


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