Catherine McMahon

Student. Design and Tech at Spectra Hackathon.


I'm a rising high school senior who has studied computer science courses (AP Computer Science, Data Structures, Security, App Development + Design, Networks, Internet) for the past few years and along with some teaching experience, I've been continuously working on tech and design projects. I am looking to get more experience in company or research settings to continually challenge myself and am motivated by building projects or products with creative solutions. Currently a designer and developer for Spectra - The All Ladies Hackathon and offering freelance skills in website or app creation. Open to chat anytime about ideas or opportunities!


Head-Royce Summer Program

Assistant Teacher at Girl + Code

June 2014 July 2014

Taught middle school aged girls programming in Python and Arduino technology. Professional skills learned and developed through the tech internship included: te ... Read more

Hack Generation Y


November 2015 December 2015

Worked on branding and designing all aspects: website, event/social media branding, and logo design, for the San Francisco Hackathon.

Spectra Hackathon

Designer and Developer

January 2016 Current
Design and Tech member for Spectra: The All-Ladies Hackathon. Worked on web development and architecture, branding strategy, logo design and ev
... Read more



An app I developed and shipped while at Make School. Activate is an iOS app that makes activism fun.


Head-Royce School


2013 2017

Computer Programming II: iOS App Development (Global Online Academy)
AP Computer Science A
Advanced Topics in CS
Advanced Data Structures
AP 2D Art

Make School

iOS Development and Design

June 2015 August 2015

Intensive and competitive summer academy in San Francisco where I learned the full app design and development cycle from brainstorming, wire framing, creating a ... Read more


Notable Awards and Achievements

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing


I'm easily reachable at [email protected]

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