Chris Lopez Jr.

"Powered By Ideas, Driven By Results"

Chris Lopez Jr., Chief Marketer

Chris Lopez Jr. helps early-stage startups and healthcare practices identify high-value opportunities, address critical pre-launch and post-launch challenges, and implement strategies designed to automate the sales & marketing process to position companies for growth.

As a lead generation expert with over 15 years in sales and digital marketing, Chris understands what it takes to develop a sound and comprehensive marketing automation strategy that produces massive results. With his advanced knowledge in online lead generation, he has developed a name for himself as a leader among his peers in the digital marketing space.


Managing Partner

2016 Current

Our platform transforms location data into real-world user footprints, allowing small businesses to identify, reach, and target their ideal customers.

Instant Ranking

Partner, Local Search

2014 Current

Instant Ranking helps doctors, chiropractors, dentists, attorneys, and other professional service businesses develop digital marketing strategies designed to ge ... Read more


Practice Partner

2016 Current

Neuropractors is a practice management and marketing consultancy. We partner with neurotherapy clinics and behavioral health practices, helping them implement p ... Read more

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