Curt (Bizelli) Biselliano

Man of God, Media & PR, Branding Strategist & Digital Marketer, CEO, Entrepreneur


Curt's bio

- As Radio Producer/Director, Curt “CBiz” Bizelli has booked interviews with the following as well as countless more and his career is just beginning to take off as a Publicist, Evangelist and Marketer -

David Nixon, Co Producer, Facing the Giants & Fireproof, Director, Letters to God
Ben Davies, Advantage Models & Talent played rookie cop in COURAGEOUS The Movie
Stan Webb, “I’m From The Country” made famous by Tracy Byrd
Chief Justice (Judge) Roy Moore
Matthew Wilder (collaborations with Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and many more top billboard artists)
Lee Greenwood (“God Bless The USA”)
Sara Bareilles (Grammy Nominee)
Hookers For Jesus (Annie Lobert – Saved On The Strip)
Kate Hurley
Stormy Montana
Amy Hagberg
Michael Card
Chenoa Alamu
Mat Kearney
… and the list continues to grow …

Specialties: Leadership, Online Branding (Brand Monitoring & Awareness) & Corporate Social Media Responsibility, Booking, Promotions, Website Production, Public Relations, Media Relations, Publicity


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2013 - Current

CEO & Founder

GODrive Media / Ezine (formerly Victory Magazine)

2010 - Current

CEO & Founder

Eternal Affairs Media

2009 - Current

Founder, CEO, President of Publicity

Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communications

1992 - Current

CEO - President (Sole Proprietorship / parent company) & The Rockstar LifeStyle

Alpha Biz 3.0

2005 - 2014

Source/ Journalist/ Producer

The People's Media Company

2005 - 2013

Publicist, VP, Radio Producer/Director and "Partner"

When Magazine

2012 - 2013

Sales Representative

Legacy Events

2005 - 2009

Editor in Chief - Asst. Online Publisher

When Magazine

2006 - 2009

Talent Agent, Doug Deneve of When Mag/Productions (Executive Assistant)

When Its Time to Be Discovered

2003 - 2008

Private Investigator

CB Investigations Inc

2003 - 2004

Security Officer

St. Charles Security Service

2003 - 2003

Advanced Sales Representative

Vector Marketing

2003 - 2003

Security Officer

Industrial Security Patrol (ISP)

CEO & Founder

GODrive Media / Ezine (formerly Victory Magazine)

GODrive Ezine is an online media outlet that shines a beacon of light in a media & entertainment world filled with so much trash & rubbish. Following in the footsteps of When Mag est. 1999 in which I led for over 8 years, we have a very similar mission, to provide a Breath of Fresh Air and return to this great country's High Moral Fiber.

We focus on many trending news topics, but we have higher standards than just a "good story" because we believe in MAKING A DIFFERENCE with the stories we publish. We provide family friendly articles on entertainment, travel, sports, movies, celebrities, food & dining, music and so much more as well as a Christian section and Inspirational articles and Editorials.

We occasionally conduct an interview with a well known celebrity. Our last was with Usher & Justin Bieber's Vocal Coach, Mama Jan Smith.

Visit and Bookmark at - Non Profit! We are seeking writers, editors, admins and publishers!

CEO & Founder

Eternal Affairs Media

the truth powered by The Truth. For those that are "asleep", the best way to describe to you this media outlet so you'll understand is LIBERTARIAN. but its much more than that. Its about God reigning down truths from Heaven in the form revelation in the 21st century, The End Times!

The economy is falling apart. The world is dying. We really aren't negative people, however we believe that we must first meet the problem realistically before it can be CONQUERED.

So many people think that American's enemies are overseas. That's far from the truth. You can't believe the TV, Newspaper or The Radio. They are owned by the same corrupt banking families (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc) that puppeteer the president and congress members with payouts and empty promises. They also own McDonalds, Walmart and the entertainment industry.

Its a big conspiracy, and if you think for one minute that it is JUST A THEORY FOR CRAZY PEOPLE, I DARE YOU TO DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You can start on our website, because you wouldn't have heard it elsewhere ;-)
the truth powered by The Truth =

affiliate partner with Alex Jones' Infowars Shop, we believe that no man or woman should be neglected the freedoms in The Bill of Rights of The United States Constitution as well as the pursuit of happiness.

We believe we have lost touch with morality in this country. We have also lost touch with common sense. We WILL offend you. I promise. - full length documentaries

100% grassroots supporting Ron & Rand Paul and their viewpoints. ***Alternative #Truth News Outlet Online

Founder, CEO, President of Publicity

Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communications

d/b/a Alpha Bizelli Marketing & PR, Inc. founded in 2009, Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Over 40+ combined years experience in related fields. Hailing from Music Row in Nashville, TN, Former Vice President, Doug Deneve has brought Artist Development advice to the blog as well as mentorship to me. We do (both) online and offline networking & pr, B2B as well as B2C with a special interest in Brand Awareness and Corporate Responsibility. We're known as an influential brand online and in social media with a wide range of one time as well as contract services to fit everybody's budget.

We have a clean, positive & factual sister magazine & radio show via (When Magazine est 1999) now Victory Magazine. We have celebrity contacts and talent that we represent, provide social media publicity as well as offline networking to ultimately help clean and positive entertainers as well as public figures either get noticed or reach that next level in their career. We believe that passion is more important than hype, and We are confident that we can assist you in your endeavors!


"Your Calling is Our God Given Purpose" ~ We stand behind you 110% and look forward to serving you! BOTTOMLINE: If you wish to compete on the web, we are the experts to turn to. ;-)
[email protected]

CEO - President (Sole Proprietorship / parent company) & The Rockstar LifeStyle

Alpha Biz 3.0

My entire career life as an entrepreneur. This is how long I've been in business for myself starting at age 8 as a freelance writer. Now, this company represents the parent for all my organizations as well as all the ways I can help you create a business on the web or help you in your business with affiliate tools. Its truly the PARENT CO. for everything I do.

Source/ Journalist/ Producer

The People's Media Company

Associated Content: The People's Media Company partnered with Yahoo and is now also known as the Yahoo Contributor Network. This platform, especially having a High Klout to be able to publish my content without approval, brings more publicity to my clients & value to my personal followers. (I have over 18 years professional writing experience having started at a very young age; this finds its purpose in the Press Releases I write on a regular basis being a Publicist) therefore this Independent Contract is simply & merely a vehicle of getting important messages out to the public.

Publicist, VP, Radio Producer/Director and "Partner"

When Magazine

This magazine became a part of my spirit. I was fully dedicated to serving its audience under God for over 8 years. I led a staff of 10-20 people, partner to Doug Deneve.

I started as a writer, advanced to editor, editor in chief, talent agent, and on and on ... the rest is history!

I want to thank all the staff for the great work they poured into the magazine over the years. YOU are why my magazine today is so great. God bless

Sales Representative

Legacy Events

Set up booths in stores and sell products. Attend team meetings, training and conferences.

Editor in Chief - Asst. Online Publisher

When Magazine - see related positions with When.

Talent Agent, Doug Deneve of When Mag/Productions (Executive Assistant)

When Its Time to Be Discovered

I began writing for When Magazine around 2005 - see related positions for When.

Placing the Editor in Chief role aside for a moment, CEO of When Magazine, Doug Deneve just happened to turn out to be my PR Mentor teaching me everything he knows about the entertainment industry during being a Talent Agent for When Its Time To Be Discovered affiliated with When Magazine Productions. This ultimately led to me opening up my own PR Firm: Manifest Your Dreams (because I found my "calling").

I knew it would only be appropriate to make Doug the Vice President of Dreams Publicity.

THANK YOU EVERYBODY I have come into contact with over the years. You have helped me learn and grow ... I appreciate it.

I've crossed path with but not limited to Taylor Swift & Big Machine Records, Natalie Kilgore now with Dashboard Media, Nashville Publicity & Brian Mayes, Absolute Publicity & Don Grubbs, Miley Cyrus, Manny Blue, DJ Pixie, David Nixon & DNP Studios, Sherwood Pictures & Provident Films, Paramount Pictures & Sony Music Distribution, Webster PR, Ben Davies, Nise Davies & Advantage Model & Talent, Zion Birdsong, DJ Xtreme, Joan Marie Art, Neal E. Boyd from Sikeston (Winner of "America's Got tAlent" 2008) and MANY MANY more wonderful individuals, radio stations, companies, organizations, agencies, celebrities I've came into contact with over the last few years ...
I give major props to our highly dedicated team of promoters - YOU ROCK #WhenStreetTeam,

I look forward to many more years to come ... all glory to "The Man Upstairs"

"see current positions"

Private Investigator

CB Investigations Inc

Security Officer

St. Charles Security Service

On duty in St. Charles County (Licensed "unarmed" S.O.)

Advanced Sales Representative

Vector Marketing

Outside sales of "Cutco" --- call and setup appointments with potential clients, provide sales presentation, close sale, and followup! Attend Team Meetings and Conferences. Attend Training Sessions and provided some "on job" training to others!

Security Officer

Industrial Security Patrol (ISP)

Was on duty in St. Louis County! (permitted "unarmed watchman")


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

Stevens-Henager College | Independence University

Business Administration w/ New Media Marketing Emphasis

2015 - current

TRCC (Three Rivers Community College)

Admininstration of Justice "with other emphasis" on:Health & Physical Education; College Writing

2007 - 2008 At the time of my term, I was operating a God-Driven Automotive Club called CSI Missouri = Crucial Spirit Impressions, founded in 2003, and closing in 2008! I met a lot of wonderful people throughout the time of leading this club into a direction of Christ. It was amazing and I'll never forget the hearts that have touched me.

Eastern MO Law Enforcement Academy

Security Division

2004 - 2004 At this time, I was an Explorer/Volunteer for the St. Peters Police Dept. in St. Charles County, Missouri.

SCC (St. Charles Community College)

Political Science

2003 - 2004 I was in the process of starting a hobbyist car club called Crucial Impressions in 2003 with Josh Calton of St. Charles, Missouri. (As to date: the club went spiritual and took the name CSI Missouri = Crucial Spirit Impressions, more well-known as an "all around" Automotive Club AND CLOSED IN July of 2008!)

Francis Howell Central High

GENERAL EDUCATION with Advanced Studies in Mathematics, Architecture, Tech. Drawing

1999 - 2003


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Public Relations

Media Relations

Online Marketing



Web Site Production

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking



Press Releases




Email Marketing

New Media



Creative Direction







Content Strategy


Online Advertising





Digital Media


Web Content

Digital Strategy


Google Analytics

Digital Marketing



Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Doug Deneve

whenmagazine ceo

Curt is dedicated and focused. Has incredible passion in networking and projects in public relations field.

Amandah Blackwell

Published SEO Content Writer ✦ Copy Writer ✦ CREATIVE Writer ✦ Blogger

I've known Curt for a few years now, and he's extremely dedicated and passionate about what he does. When Curt approached me to write for WhenMagazine, I didn't hesitate to say "yes." It's a clean and informative online magazine, which is very rare these days. I hope to continue to work with Curt and the WhenMagazine team for quite some time because they're bringing positive vibes to the world through words.

Amber Whitman-Currier


Curtis is a great person who has an eye for detail. He works hard at everything he does. Great person to work with.

Alecia Stringer

Online Lead Generation Expert

Curt looks out for others and brings out their best interest. It is helpful to work with Curt, because he is always stepping up the game everyday.

Kathy Hamilton

Radio Talk Show Host on Blog Talk Radio

I really can not say enough about Curt He is the most Dynamic man and very dedicated to helping others achieve success.

He gives 110% to helping others and I would highly recommend him. He is an asset to any Company and he gives his all.

Kathy Hamilton

Ruan Oosthuizen

Co Founder, Managing Partner & SEO Consultant at Search Vector Media

I have met Curt at a time I least expected it, but the timing could not have been any better. All because it was not based on Curt's or my own timing, but the timing of the Highest!

Curt and I spoke as we were business partners for years and I feel honoured to have this young man as part of my future and business relations.

He has courage, he has a desire for life and he encourages as far as he goes! Curt will take things far in his life and if you are planning on doing the same, I recommend that you make him part of your circles.

An asset worth more than any money can ever buy...

Ruan Oosthuizen

Neely Goen

Christ Follower, Wife, Mom, Minister, Leader, Teacher, Public Speaker & Business Owner

Curt is an amazing worker. He has a brain full of great ideas and can paint them on paper. He continues God's work in what He does daily. He is flawless in his persuit of Him. Proud to call Curt a friend.

Toni Kelley

Associate Editor at When Magazine

Curtis is a dedicated writer and editor who strives to provide quality work while creating a positive and team oriented environment. I highly recommend Curtis Bizelli.

Shawne Jackson

Published Author, Professional Graphic Designer, Counselor in Training, at Shamonj Gifts LLC

I have worked with Curt in assisting him with designing in the past. I must say that Curt has a lot of potential to become great at what he does as an publicist. If he keep doing what he does I know that he will be great at it.

Ellen St. Peter

Producer at SingLn

Curtis is a good interesting writer. He is a focused editor capable of improving a person's writing. He is very detailed oriented person. Curtis is a person can work on many projects at a time.

Doug Deneve

whenmagazine ceo

Curtis is a TEAM player and valuable on our staff.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Houston, TX


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