Dean Beers

Certified Legal Investigator / Expert Consultant - Personal Injury, Negligence & Death for Civil, Criminal & Probate


Dean's bio

As a Certified Legal Investigator, I am very passionate about legal investigations and working with my clients to provide the best information and tools in advocating for our mutual client.

Our Rocky Mountain West Agency is licensed, bonded and insured. I am a charter licensed private investigator in Colorado #PI2.0000050 (effective June 01, 2015) and agency licensed in Cheyenne WY #OL-15-31146.

I formed my legal investigative agency in 1987, quickly becoming a leading and innovative provider of investigative, legal and trial support services. I left the private sector in late 2005 to accept a full-time position as a deputy coroner / death investigator with the Larimer County Medical Examiner’s Office, after graduating with honors from the Weld County Law Enforcement Academy. In late 2008 I returned to the private sector, focusing on Personal Injury, Negligence & Death in Civil, Criminal and Probate litigation. This is built on my extensive education, experience and training in the private sector, as well as my internship, training and job experience at two large county medical examiners’ offices.

We provide legal investigation services in Colorado (licensed and insured) and surrounding states of ID, WY & SD, and expert consultations nationally. Please contact our office at your convenience and visit for cases we have worked. We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to assist you.

I am a member of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC - life), National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), TALI, FALI & CALI (TX, FL & CA Associations of Licensed Investigators), Inner Circle of Investigators, International Association of Identification (IAI / RMDIAI), and National Association of Medical Examiners (The NAME).


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2014 - Current

2nd Vice President (past 3rd Vice President, Secretary and Regional Director) - NCISS

National Council of Investigation and Security Services

2014 - Current

Member - Legal Investigator / Expert

Inner Circle of Investigators

2012 - Current

Governor of the Americas

World Association of Detectives

2010 - Current

Region 6 CLI Representative

CLI Committee - Region 6

2009 - Current

Expert - Forensic Investigation, Pattern Injury Analysis and Investigative Protocols

Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC

2008 - Current

Life Member


1987 - Current

Certified Legal Investigator / Owner

Associates in Forensic Investions LLC

2010 - 2012

Chairman of the Board

Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado

2002 - 2008

Deputy Coroner / Death Investigator

Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office

2002 - 2008

Forensic Autopsy Assistant

Larimer and Weld Counties Medical Examiner's Offices; Colorado Pathology Associates

2003 - 2005

Deputy Coroner / Investigator

Weld County Medical Examiner's Office

2nd Vice President (past 3rd Vice President, Secretary and Regional Director) - NCISS

National Council of Investigation and Security Services

Current 2nd VP of National Council of Investigation & Security Services. Past 3rd Vice President, Secretary and Regional Director for CO WY NE & AZ.

NCISS has been the voice of professional investigators in DC and across America for nearly 40 years. Duties include membership communication, recruitment and keeping our members informed.

Member - Legal Investigator / Expert

Inner Circle of Investigators

-- We advocate for the people, not the powerful...
-- We support the Constitutional right to trial by jury...
-- We promote full and free access to the courtroom...
-- We pledge to aggressively pursue the evidence
that supports the work of attorneys in the course of their representation of the injured or the accused...
-- We support the advancement of the public good through all legal efforts to promote the safety and health...
-- We advocate for continuing education, the highest ethical standards and for continued improvement in the justice system...
-- We pledge our commitment to seek justice for and champion the cause of the ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges...

We are "The Inner Circle of Investigators"

The association adds members upon a current member recommendation basis only.

Governor of the Americas

World Association of Detectives

Appointed Governor of the Americas (North America, Central America, Caribbean and Argentina). WAD is the oldest association for investigators and has members in nearly every country of the world. As the GoA, I assist the board with the help of ambassadors from my region.

Past Ambassador, North America (West).

Region 6 CLI Representative

CLI Committee - Region 6

I am the Region 6 Representative on the Certified Legal Investigator Committee for the National Association of Legal Investigators. I will be working with other CLI representatives and the CLI committee to further this exceptional certification and our profession. Region 6 includes CO, MT, WY, NM, AZ, UT and ID. There are six CLIs in the region.

Expert - Forensic Investigation, Pattern Injury Analysis and Investigative Protocols

Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC

Qualified in Colorado district & county courts in Forensic Investigation, Pattern Injury Analysis and Investigative Protocols. Expert Consultant: crime scene, pattern injury, fingerprint comparison, investigative protocols, forensic photography and blood spatter.

Life Member


PPIAC President (2010-2012) Robert Orozco presented me with this award. Granted by the association president with approval of the board, for accomplishments on behalf of PPIAC that would not have been possible without my wife (Karen), the board and membership.

Certified Legal Investigator / Owner

Associates in Forensic Investions LLC

I have been a Professional Investigator since 1987. I have extensive experience in individual backgrounds and locates, as well as current education, training and experience in Personal Injury, Negligence & Death, as well as Criminal Defense supplemented by my recent position with the Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office.

Chairman of the Board

Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado

Excited to lead the board in the continued forward professionalism of the members of the PPIAC.

Past VP of Membership and involved in current professional licensing effort that is now in Colorado and continues to gain momentum and benefits for licensed investigators as it moves forward!

During my tenure as Board Chairman, and with the efforts of the board, PPIAC became a nationally recognized leader of state associations, and the exclusively professional association in Colorado.

Deputy Coroner / Death Investigator

Larimer County Medical Examiner's Office

Beginning with training and internship and progressing into part-time then full-time, after graduating the Weld County Law Enforcement Academy. We were responsible for responding to and investigating deaths and incident scenes, assisting with autopsies and complete follow-up investigation.

Forensic Autopsy Assistant

Larimer and Weld Counties Medical Examiner's Offices; Colorado Pathology Associates

Assisted with forensic, medical and hospital autopsies.

Deputy Coroner / Investigator

Weld County Medical Examiner's Office

Certified Medicolegal Death Investigator and Deputy Coroner


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

Weld County Law Enforcement Academy

Law Enforcement Certification

2005 - 2005 Peace Officer Standards Training

Larimer County Medical Examiner / Coroner Office

Medicolegal Death Investigations (including scenes and autopsies)

2002 - 2003 The Larimer County Medical Examiner / Coroner Office is the only office in Colorado to offer an internship training program, by qualification and selection. Training includes classroom, scene, office work, file review and autopsy. These areas begin with instruction and requires hands-on participation to complete the certification process. Dean competed his core requirements in January 2003 and was hired by the Weld County Coroner's Office. His class completed the full requirements in June 2003 and he was also hired by the Larimer County Medical Examiner / Coroner Office; both part-time.

Lion Investigation Academy

Investigation and Security

2002 - 2002 Investigations and Security

Rocky Mountain High School


1981 - 1984 None

Rocky Mountain High School (1984)

General Studies

1981 - 1984 None


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.





Personal Injury



Criminal Defense

Background Checks



Litigation Support

Expert Witness

Criminal Investigations





Private Investigations

Civil Litigation

Public Speaking

Product Liability

Criminal Law



Forensic Analysis


Skip Tracing



Criminal Justice



Internal Investigations

Investigative Research

Investigative Reporting

Workplace Violence

Asset Tracing


Evidence Collection

Homicide Investigations

General Investigations

Asset Protection

Service Processes

Crime Scene


Crime Scene Photography

Witness Statements

Witness Location

Law Enforcement


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Brandon Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER

President and Strategic Opererations Director at Investigative Support Specialist, Inc./National Director at CDITC

Dean Beers, CCDI, CLI, maintains a reputation within the investigation and forensic science profession that is beyond reproach. I have had the pleasure of working with him and found his knowledge to be both academic and pragmatic in nature. His ability to study an issue and find a solution to the most complex questions is more than impressive. Dean Beers is a valuable resource and I highly recommend him as an investigator, expert, and instructor.

Alex Toia

Onwer / Licensed Private Investigator & 2011 "Investigator of the Year" - NJ Licensed Private Investigators Assoc.

Dean was exceptionally helpful to me and my team in a sucide case we investigated for the mother of the deceased. He responded to a Listerve request I made to the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI). Dean spent considerable time at no charge to provide an expert opinion regarding gunshot residue. His help was invalubale to our case and was instrumental in opening other avenues of inquiry.

Dave Pettinari

CEO-TAC Forensics and Investigations

Dean Beers is about the most proficient, knowledgeable skip tracer I have ever known. He is awesome in the specialized knowledge he posseses in this area, and is one committed, hard-charging investigator. I have known him as a law enforcement investigator and now as a private investigator, and have always found him to be nothing but thorough, professional, and a leader with a futuristic bent.

Gladys Brierley


Thanks Dean for assisting me with questions about my client's death. I appreciated the time you took with me to explain in detail variations on suicide methods and you eased my mine some that my client's death and method was somewhat explainable based upon your experience. I understand better now about this subject and thanks a bunch!

Kathleen Cunningham

Certified Medical Legal Consultant

Dean is one in a million. He is a gifted investigator and author. His most recent book is an essential text for anyone in the investigative field, regardless of subspecialty. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding aspects of death investigation and medical legal issues. His death investigation course is well structured and full of essential information. He is a gifted expert witness. He tirelessly promotes professionalism within the investigative community. His in-depth articles in "The Legal Investigator" are well-written and timely. Most importantly, he has been an awesome mentor for me and has always been there when I needed guidance or suggestions. Anyone who has Dean on their side is in excellent hands.

Kathleen Cunningham
Medical Investigator
Certified Medical Legal Consultant

Alex Toia

Onwer / Licensed Private Investigator & 2011 "Investigator of the Year" - NJ Licensed Private Investigators Assoc.

I had originally made a request through various Listserves across the country for information pertaining to a suspicious suicide I was investigating. Dean Beers answered it first by email, and then called on the phone. Over the course of several days, he provided valuable insight based on his experience as a certified Medicolegal Death Investigator. Dean offered his time at no charge. However, because I felt really comfortable with him, and because of his credentials and input, I hired him to write an opinion based on the facts.

Dean was a big help in the case, first in volunteeering his time and expertise, and second, throughout the course of his written opinion and beyond. Having become a friend and colleague, I would highly recommend him to anyone who has questions about circumstances of a death.

Charlie Davis

Owner, DC Services

Dean is one of the few that has weathered the changes in our industry since he started. A good work ethic, client relationships and honest straight forward reporting to those clients is what has provided him with the means to have such a great following.
He is also willing to share insight and offer ideas to his peers which is really something in this day and age.
Hats off to him, he is one of the good guys!!!

AL Farr

Owner, A. L. Farr & Associates, Inc. and Legal Services Consultant

Very competent investigator; and is able to stay focused o each and every project. His reputation in the profession is 100%.

Al Farr

Dean is one of those rare investigators that is a true professional in a field where the word "professional" is so easily and liberally used. The amount of hard work and dedication he's given to his position as VP of Membership for PPIAC has shown in the advancements the association has made. Needless to say, he has my respect and is a valuable asset to the investigations field.

Stephanie Mitchell

Private Investigator and Agency Manager

Dean Beers is a professional investigator of the highest caliber. His knowledge and expertise are well recognized among his peers. He is a man of his word, ethical, experienced and a pleasure to be around. I have enjoyed networking and working with Dean over the years.

Here are just some of the fanatastic articles Dean wrote for Pursuit Magazine:

Terry Sweet

CEO at Background Information Group

Dean has been a client of our Data services for many years, he posses the upmost Integrity and professionalism, I would recommend him for any task at hand.

Terry Sweet
National Data Research Inc.
[email protected]

The New Age of Searching

Rory J McMahon

Lead Instructor, Investigative Classes at S2 Institute

I was assigned to test Dean as part of the National Association of Legal Investigators panel to determine if Dean was qualified to become Certified as Legal Investigator (CLI). Dean was an outstanding applicant, bright and extremely knowledgeable. He passed the requiremens and is now a CLI. Since then I have remained in contact and he haas become a leader in the Legal Investigative community and I am encouraging him to write a book on that topic.

I have known Dean for several years and would proudly recommend him. He is a top notch investigator, knowledgable, hard working and works with the highest integrity.

Rick Finelli


To whom it may concern

I highly endorse and recommend Dean Beers.

Over time, I have seen that Dean is a well-respected person in his field. Not just local as just in Colorado but across the USA also. As I have grown my business, I have called upon Dean for skills and knowledge in the PI field. He is always there for others and me. I do not think you could find a finer person for your needs.

If you should also want to talk with me about Mr. Beers, I can be reached at the address below.


Rick Finelli

283 Columbine St, #112

Denver Colorado 80206-4707


303-845-5400 Fax

Email: [email protected]


L. Scott Harrell

Founder and CEO - - Tackling how the massive commercial demand for video content will be met.

Dean Beers is a rock-solid investigator consistently delivering results. His background and body of professional experience is rare even among most veteran investigators. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone needing a private investigator in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tony Goring

Owner Aclarado Enquiries

I’ve never worked directly with Dean however I have utilized principles in his book “Professional Locate Investigations” for years and found them to hold true despite it being written for a predominantly US based market.

As well as useful skip tracing hints and techniques that many people know of there is an almost certain chance that you will come across ideas that are new to you irrespective of how many years you may have been in the investigative industry.

It is also one of the few books that describes and illustrates sensible day to day business practices that assist in making investigators the functioning business me that we need to be in order to survive in this line of work. I thoroughly recommend it! Dean is an exceptionally knowledgeable gentleman.

Tan Smyth

Ruby Moon Investigations, LLC

It is through the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado that I met Dean Beers, but I'd known of him well before that. Dean is renowned for his professionalism and astonishing skills in the areas of skip-tracing and forensics. His sterling reputation is well-deserved; I learn something new every time I speak with him. I count myself fortunate to know Dean.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Fort Collins, Colorado Area

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