Jonathan A. J. Wilson PhD

★ Professor & Consultant in the ABCDs (Advertising, Branding, Culture & Digital) ★ Halal Market Expert ★ Speaker & Writer


Jonathan A.J. Wilson, BSc (Dund), MBA (Dund), PhD (Brun), is Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies, and Associate Professor of Business and Management at Richmond The American International University in London, based at the Kensington campus in Central London.

Professor Wilson’s career began over twenty years ago in industry, before branching out into academia and consulting. He specialises in the ABCDs of Business and Culture, as he calls them: Advertising, Branding, Communications, and Digital. His work covers corporate identity, food, fashion, sport, tourism, music, technology, ethnicity, religion, and popular culture.

He has spoken at conferences across the globe on over 100 occasions, and published over 200 pieces of work.

Islamica 500 lists him in the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders for his work in Islamic Economics, Halal Branding, and Muslim Millennials.

Professor Wilson is also: a Halal Tourism Officer in the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia; Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Islamic Marketing; an Executive Trainer for Al Jazeera Media Network in Qatar; and is an Advisor to innovation and research firm Stylus, luxury fashion brand The ISHU, and the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamic Finance.

During his time at the University of Greenwich - based upon the opinions of staff and students, along with assessments of output, reach, quality, and impact, Professor Wilson received: the Vice Chancellor's Award for Staff Member of the Year, and the Business School Faculty Award for Excellence, as Researcher of the Year.

His research on Inconspicuous Branded Consumption and Luxury in the Journal of Marketing Management received an award, and also appears in the September 2015 Harvard Business Review.

Professor Wilson's work and views have featured in, amongst others: The Guardian, The Economist, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review, KBS TV (Korea), Communicate Advertising Age, The Times, Sunday Times, Khaleej Times, Sky News Arabia, BBC, BBC World, Vision Magazine, The Marketeers, KIN Global, BRIC Plus, and Astro Awani.

He has contributed to industry projects and reports for: McKinsey & Company, Middle East; DinarStandard; Thomson Reuters and Salaam Gateway; Mindshare, London; Stylus; PwC Malaysia; Oxford Analytica; MBA & Company; Tokyo Institute of Technology and Gurunavi Japanese Restaurant Guide.

He also sits on the panel of judges for the Islamic Economy Awards - hosted by Thomson Reuters, the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre, and under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Professor Wilson is Scottish, was born and raised in Manchester, and is a Muslim convert of over 16 years. He loves❤️ manga, matcha, maguro, iaido, kendo, coffee, rugby, rendang, and guitars! 🤘🦁

Current roles

07 / 2008 Current

University of Greenwich, London, UK

Programme Director & Senior Lecturer

10 / 2011 Current

Emerald Group Publishing

Editor-in-chief: Journal of Islamic Marketing (JIMA)

05 / 2014 Current

Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar

Executive Trainer

02 / 2014 Current

Thomson Reuters

Thought Leader & Contributor

09 / 2013 Current

The Huffington Post


11 / 2012 Current

MarkPlus, Inc

Columnist, Marketeers magazine

2014 Current

Aquila Style magazine, Singapore


09 / 2013 Current

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Islamic Finance & Diversity in Financial Markets

Associate Member

04 / 2013 Current

The University of Nottingham Malaysia

Visiting Academic & Research Affiliate

08 / 2012 Current

Monash University Malaysia

Research Collaborator

04 / 2014 08 / 2014

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Guest Speaker, Halal Expert & Research Project Collaborator

07 / 2008 Current

University of Greenwich, London, UK

Programme Director & Senior Lecturer

Programme Director of: MA Strategic Marketing MA Strategic Marketing Communications Dual award MA Strategic Marketing Communications and MSc International Marketing Communications from ESCEM School of Business and Management, Poitiers, France.
Course Leader, at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level in: Integrated Marketing Communications, Strategic Brand Management, Advertising Campaign Management, Communications Theory & Consumer Behaviour.

10 / 2011 Current

Emerald Group Publishing

Editor-in-chief: Journal of Islamic Marketing (JIMA)

This is the premier international academic marketing journal publishing empirical findings and new conceptual arguments at the intersection of: Marketing, Branding, Management, Operations and Logistics, Islam, Muslims, Shari'ah, Halal, Consumption, and Ethnocentric Cultural Issues. As Editor-in-Chief, I've taken this unranked journal launched in 2010, to the 2nd quartile of ranked marketing journals (64th out of 158 worldwide, 33rd out of 74 from the UK, and 13th in the UK by citations) according to SCImago Journal Ranking and Scopus. Alongside these duties: I deliver workshops on A Guide to Getting Published; which have been run in: Dubai, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Singapore, UK - to academics and researchers.

05 / 2014 Current

Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar

Executive Trainer

Design and delivery of bespoke training courses and workshops (with an Arabic translator), at the Media Training and Development Centre in Qatar, to industry professionals across the region on: Branding, Integrated Marketing Communications, PR, Communications, Image, and Reputation Management, and Business Psychology - with additional after course support and consultations available. A key element to my approach is my ability to blend Western, Middle Eastern, and Asian cultural perspectives, practices and schools of thought - packaging them in a way that professionals can digest easily and put into practice; with plenty of brain and skills training exercises. You'll taste a mezze of Confucius, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Al Ghazali, ibn Kaldun, Bushido, Edward Bernays, Eric Bernes Transactional Analysis, and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

02 / 2014 Current

Thomson Reuters

Thought Leader & Contributor

Following my talk and positive feedback at the 2013 Dubai Global Islamic Economy Summit; I signed a
contract allowing me to publish articles and whitepapers, which are hosted on the following platforms: - The
Knowledge Effect Blog - Zawya - Islamic Finance Gateway

09 / 2013 Current

The Huffington Post


Thanks to a personal invitation from Mehdi Hasan, I now have an outlet for my observations concerning cultural phenomena; which are of relevance to business and the wider public.

11 / 2012 Current

MarkPlus, Inc

Columnist, Marketeers magazine

Monthly column, available online, and in print on newstands in Southeast Asia

2014 Current

Aquila Style magazine, Singapore


An ber-chic Muslim fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine

09 / 2013 Current

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Islamic Finance & Diversity in Financial Markets

Associate Member

04 / 2013 Current

The University of Nottingham Malaysia

Visiting Academic & Research Affiliate

Executive MBA programme Centre for Islamic Business and Finance Research (CIBFR)

08 / 2012 Current

Monash University Malaysia

Research Collaborator

Halal Ecosystem Research Centre Cluster: Sustainable Economic Development Project: Establishing premium positioning for Halal brands in global consumer markets

04 / 2014 08 / 2014

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Guest Speaker, Halal Expert & Research Project Collaborator

Initiative funded by the "Gurunavi" Endowed Chair in Future Food, Tokyo Institute of Technology. My role and responsibilities: Listed Speaker at the 2nd International Public Symposium on Food Halalness; Guest Lectures at Graduate School of Innovation Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Research field trips, surveys and report writing, concerning the Japanese Halal food industry, retail and restaurants.


2009 2012

Brunel University London, UK

PhD in Global Branding, Culture, & Management

"The Brand, Culture & Stakeholder-based Brand Management phenomenon".

Professors, Ying Fan, Zahir Irani, and John M.T. Balmer.

A new grounded theoretical framework for Brand Management was developed, alongside proposing alternative employee skills competences criteria - drawing from Aristotle's Praedicamenta.

1996 1998

The University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration

1992 1996

The University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

BSc Chemistry

1985 1992

The Manchester Grammar School, UK

Secondary School

Key Skills & Expertise

Slow and Fast Culture




Public Speaking


Public Relations


Curriculum Design


Islamic Economics and Muslim Markets

Leadership Management


Academic Research

Executive Training

Consumer Insight



Hear what some of my clients, colleagues and former students have to say about me.

Hermawan Kartajaya

Founder & CEO of MarkPlus Inc

Over the years Dr Jon and I have become good friends and collaborators. Hes hosted me in London where I have spoken at the University of Greenwich and Jon's made the trip to Indonesia to be with us on many occasions. In Jakarta, Jon has delivered masterclasses and day workshops on Pop Culture Marketing and Halal Branding; hes spoken at several of our KIN ASEAN (Kellogg Innovation Network) and MarkPlus annual conferences; and also taken part in Q&As with Professor Philip Kotler. We've authored journal papers together, and for the past two years he has had his own monthly column in our Marketeers magazine. Jon's work is insightful, engaging, and dynamic. He has his finger on the pulse for whats happening in Southeast Asia, the Muslim world and amongst Millenials. We love his writing, but its even better having him with us speaking and hanging out - hes one of the family. Jon's part of a new wave of talent and one to watch. WOW!

Mariam Ali

Senior Content Specialist at Thomson Reuters

I have met Dr. Jonathan briefly in 2013 during the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai, and I was impressed by his passion towards his work and his continuous attempts to improve the industry. Our relationship continued till present time, and I can honestly say that he is one of our top contributors and profession colleagues. We are in continuous collaboration with Dr. Jonathan, and I am personally glad to know such a genuine and focused individual. We have undergone many projects with him and it all went perfectly smooth and to the highest level of professionalism that can be. Dr. Jonathan demonstrates great creativity, knowledge, intellectual ideas and commitment in his work which I admire always.

Raghda El-Meligy

Micro-enterprise Outreach Consultant

I enrolled in a PR course in which Professor Wilson, aka Bilal, led the section on Branding, PR, and Image Psychology. The presentation easily engaged the entire class as Professor Wilson broke down the concepts clearly to connect them to professional, and personal lives. The subject material was fascinating, made me want to enrol at the University Greenwich so that I may be able to take full academic courses with this great instructor and mentor.

Tansy Marie Fall

Managing Editor, Emerald Group

Jon is an excellent journal Editor. He has worked hard to increase the Journal of Islamic Marketing's ranking and equally hard to attract good quality, interesting research from across the globe. Jon is also a very considered Editor. He always looks to enable knowledgeable authors overcome language barriers when their research is of a high standard but their linguistic skills are lacking. Not only that but Jon is a lovely person to work with: friendly, timely, communicative and enthusiastic.

Joseph Morgan

Strategy Director & Consultant

Jon is a one off, never to replicated personality. And this carries through to his teaching, writing and general work style; in the most commendable of ways. In fact, style is a good word to describe Jon; because everything he does and touches oozes with it. And whilst I can attest to his hard work and diligence (we have written several published works together), he is seldom flustered or seen (or heard) struggling, despite a workload many teams would find difficult to consistently deliver on. Jon is super-smart, super-likeable, and most importantly super-efficacious. He is limited only by the parameters you put in place around him. I can thoroughly recommend Jon in both character and occupational capacity. And know that you will get great pleasure working with him too.

Slavina Velinova

Performance Marketing Specialist

Jon is one of the most inspirational, engaging and dedicated lecturers I have not only had but also met in general. I was lucky enough to have him as a course leader and dissertation supervisor. His positive energy never failed to captivate the audience and motivate us to read, learn and do more. Jon's teaching style really made us THINK. And he taught us the importance of communicating in a way that your audience would understand you. He was the living example standing in front of us - linking theory and practice, bringing industry examples, advising and challenging us. He always encouraged us to be proactive, make connections, talk and listen to people, read more, look for new projects and opportunities which would enrich our experience and broaden our horizon. Jon's vast knowledge and desire to develop even further made us more demanding to ourselves. And it was his example that made me really appreciate the need to continuously improve your professional and interpersonal skills. I think that there are a few things which make Jon so special: 1) He has unique approach and the ability to connect with people on personal level; 2) He can challenge stereotypes and models and inspire you to do the same; 3) He is never too tired to learn something new, start a new project or get the job done; Therefore, I can genuinely recommend working with Jon in the academia or the industry, following his academic work or even trying to catch him at a conference.

Vasilka Vasileva

Supply Chain Planner

It is my honour to recommend Jonathan, my tutor and dissertation supervisor at University of Greenwich. He is by all means the most inspirational lecturer I have ever had. I could simply listen to him for hours without getting bored. What differentiates him from the rest is his passion for every single thing he does, the way he structures the lectures and the way he mixes the lectures with real case scenarios. I have learnt so much from him. I was looking forward to his lectures which were full of wisdom, making me reflect on every single topic we discuss. I have always seen Jon as a great leader and mentor. He was the only lecturer who didn't mind spending another hour at the university corridor, answering patiently our questions, advising us on carrier prospects and preparing us for the life after graduation. I cannot describe how thankful I feel for having such an inspirational lecturer and supervisor at such an important moment for me. Jon guided me throughout my dissertation and thanks to his support and his motivational attitude I was enjoying every single step of my big project. Jon is an outstanding professional which every organisation should have. I am closely following his academic work & public appearance from which I continue to learn and inspire even two years after my graduation.

Nohora Rangel

Marketing Manager

Jon is an excellent and brilliant lecturer. He stands out from the rest of lecturers because of the methodology that he uses for teaching, which is very dynamic, interesting, easy to understand and uses real life examples. These aspects definitely keep students motivated and make them want to go to his lectures everyday. Furthermore, Jon also has a great charisma and sense of humour, two important virtues that positively impact on the student's learning process and that aren't easy to find in many people/lecturers. Moreover, he constantly shares with student's his academic papers, which represent a very good complement to their academic careers and keeps them updated about specific relevant topics. In addition, I also had the chance to know Jon as my dissertation's supervisor. This was an invaluable experience, as I had the opportunity to work closer with him and learned many relevant things for both my dissertation and professional career. He helped me throughout the development of my dissertation and inspired me to work harder everyday, not only with the aim of achieving a high grade, also in order to gain even more knowledge and capabilities to become more competent in today's demanding labour market. During the whole process, I just confirmed that I made the right choice by choosing him as my supervisor and even more today, as I am implementing what I learned in my professional life. Finally, I think it is evident that teaching is one of Jon's passions, which is one of the reasons why he does it in such a great manner. I will be everlastingly grateful with him for enhancing my experience as a student.

Hannah Turner

Advertising and Social Media Account Manager

Jon's natural flare and exuberance for lecturing certainly came across in his teaching style, his ability to engage and educate is certainly a fond memory of my time at the University of Greenwich. It was well known that you would be kept on your toes in Jon's class and that everyone would be challenged on the topic being discussed. I would describe Jon as a thought leader who inspires all. Thanks for the support and knowledge during my time at Greenwich.

Stephen Garner

Digital Project Manager

Jonathan was certainly the most interesting academic throughout my time at University. His teaching style is unique through his ability to captivate his audience with real life case studies and a fresh approach to the way we think about business and research as a whole, not only advertising/marketing/media. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Jon on your own personal study programme, or work with him outside academia, I highly suggest that you take it. You will certainly walk away with a brand new, and creatively inspired approach to the way you think and work.

Daisy Du

Marketing Manager

I enrolled in one of Jons Branding courses back to 5 years ago, and he was also my dissertation supervisor at University of Greenwich. He is a very inspirational lecturer because I still remember how he was explaining the connection between branding and cultures now. A brilliant Lecturer, the best I ever had! He is also a very helpful and encouraging supervisor to my dissertation, I couldnt forget how he guided me to write a high quality dissertation. Thanks Jon!

Marita Fullinck

Senior Programmatic Advertising Account Executive

J. Wilson is a contemporary lecturer, who teaches in accordance to the fast moving and ever changing trends of Advertising and Marketing Communications of today's tough economy. The assignments were always challenging and by far the most relevant to the "real world". With humor, good reads and interesting lectures he helped me understand and challenge the current paradigms of Advertising and Marketing Communications in search of better ways. He is opinionated and bold, encourages diversity, creativity and individuality. He once said, in your career you will meet difficult people, you will get NO's...and disappointments- but never lose your drive and your brave and always keep that winner mentality...especially you - those that like to hide in the back of the class! I now work in the "Mad Advertising World", I look back and smile... because I agree that courage is an essential characteristic for creating life and career success. I will always remember that!

Jameson Juwily

Founder and Managing Director, Cosmetics

Jon, he is a very helpful and honest person, he has a great personality and excellent to work with. Jon knows all about his subjects and I definitely recommend him if you need information regarding Advertising, Marketing, Branding and anything to do with business. Not just that he has experience working abroad and understanding different cultures makes him stand out. Jon has helped and advised me, and also introduced my brand (MYJ Beauty) to other international companies. If I need assistance I know exactly to get it from - Jon!

Ainur Muratova

Lead Specialist in Corporate Communications

Jonathan A. J. Wilson is an amazing lecturer. I had an opportunity to meet him during my graduate studies at University of Greenwich. It was a while ago now, back in 2011, but what important is I don't remember other classes as much as I remember Jon's classes. Always interesting and lively he presents the "boring stuff" :) As a former student I can recommend Jon as a great lecturer, mentor and person. I do miss your classes Jon, thank you!

Karen Le

Marketing Assistant

I honestly can't praise Jon enough - his warm nature, motivational words & guidance definitely impacted my three years at the University of Greenwich. Jon was one of the few lecturers who went above & beyond for his students, always pulling something new and creative out the bag to inspire us. His unique teaching style and great sense of humour, makes Jon a breath of fresh air within a fast-paced and every-changing industry. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet Jon, he has made me realise that It is never too late to become the best version of yourself. I am extremely proud to be in the same industry as him and I certainly hope that our paths will cross again in the near future.

Ethelbert Chukwuagozie

Market Planning and Strategy Consultant

I just finished my 3rd year internal review as a PhD student at Manchester Business School (MBS). I am now in the clear to write up and submit my thesis. Who comes to mind but Jon Wilson as we fondly call him while at The University of Greenwich? When I got enrolled for MA in Strategic Marketing at Greenwich, all I wanted like many other students was to graduate with a good grade. It took Jonathan to identify and inspire some of us to a specific line of career based on his assessment of our performance and interest in class. I cannot forget how positive the atmosphere would turn while he was in class. He'd critique you positively and make suggestions that would be of help to you beyond the walls of Greenwich University. I can boldly say today that I owe him part of my decision to pursue a PhD degree in Business. Even after I left Greenwich (where I graduated with distinction), and got enrolled at MBS, Jonathan was always on my case, advising and suggesting ways to be a better PhD candidate. I have tried to reach out to other alumni who passed through Jonathan, and the story is the same. Jonathan is always looking out for his students to know how consistent they are with their bigger objectives. Although I cannot speak with statistical accuracy, but I do believe that Jonathan is one of those who has added much value to TUG. Many of us are proud of TUG today because someone like Jon Wilson has remained consistent in giving it value.

Cinthya Vaca Martinez

Beauty Specialist, CHANEL

Jonathan was my tutor for two years and also my dissertation supervisor whilst I was doing my degree at the University of Greenwich. When I met Jonathan for the first time I was enlightened by how passionate he is towards his work. He is an exceptional mentor and a true inspiration! I admire his energetic approach to his work and how motivating he is towards his pupils. Jonathan is a true professional, and, as programme leader he made his module one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling subjects in my time with University of Greenwich. I think very highly of Jonathan as he is a very respectful professional and take the opportunity to thank him for all the knowledge and support he provided.

Giang Huynh

Chief Operating Officer, Education Programs

I had the honour of having Dr. Jon Wilson as a lecturer and supervisor for my undergraduate dissertation. Jon is one of the greatest teachers that I ever have: he is passionate, knowledgeable, and very inspiring. He is always there to support you, but also will allow you to have your own creative space. His approach to teaching is encouraging and effective. Jon has everything you look for in a great educator.

Doreen Amongi

Advertising Agency Account Manager

Jon is an inspirational teacher and mentor. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a lecturer and is sure to benefit from following his advice. Jon brings a direct and earnest approach to learning; making his methods engaging and definitely capable of sparking students inquisitiveness. Jon has never hesitated to provide invaluable advice and insight concerning the world of employment; and he tries his best to give students opportunities to realise their potential. Jons diligence in teaching can only be surpassed by his likeability as a character; and collectively all of these mentioned played a pivotal role in helping me to progress my career.

Nita Finnerty

Events and Marketing Manager

Jon was my lecturer when I was enrolled in the MA Strategic Marketing and Communications programme at UoG. I remember thoroughly enjoying his classes as he had an incredible knack of bringing life to theory through engaging discussions in class. His classes were never dull, and I always left knowing that I have learned something. This always makes for a positive and conducive learning environment. Jon also managed to connect us to the world outside of academia through encouraging us to constantly be thinking of what lies ahead after university. This way, he was an excellent mentor. Moving forward, if I had a chance to work with Jon outside of a university setting, I would jump at it. He's results-focused, creative and will engage the team to go above and beyond their perceived limitations. A good guy all round.

Georgi Marinov

Advertising and Media Account Executive

Jon was my tutor at University of Greenwich from 2008 until 2010. His attitude and character were absolutely fantastic and I managed to learn a great deal from him. What differentiates Jon from the rest is his strategic thinking and moving two steps ahead of everyone. His lectures were always based on a two-way communication and interaction through dialogues with students, rather than passive monologues. Jon is very approachable and easy to get on with through creating more personal experience. I would highly recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.

Alcinda Lee

Studio Coordinator

Dr Jonathan Wilson was so kind to impart his knowledge and insights into the study of Islamic Marketing. His willingness in contributing constructive advice for my dissertation was very appreciated! As a student of the London College of Fashion, I am sincerely grateful for his support in discussing fashion studies with his expertise.

Bean Miller

Marketing Project Planner

Jonathan is an extremely dedicated, engaging and motivating professor. I took his classes while getting my MA in Strategic Marketing Communications and he constantly went above and beyond to help students. He always asked the class about their marketing interests so he could shape the curriculum to meet their needs. He has an outgoing personality which instantly draws students to his lectures. He is an expert in marketing and is always keeping up with industry trends.

Imran Chaudry

Digital Marketing Executive

Jon is an absolutely fantastic person and lecturer. Overall, what makes him good at what he does is his incredible and rich experience within marketing. In every lecture and seminar I attended of his, Jon combines his hands on experience with course theory, which makes each and every lecture and seminar so interesting. What makes Jon different from other lecturers is his ability to speak with clarity, eloquence and confidence. He can turn a not so interesting topic into the most exciting and interesting topic, and to have that skill is something unique. Jon has helped me in many ways. He explained his own career steps right from his first undergraduate degree through to his PhD degree. This thoroughly helped me to understand various career paths, and to have a better idea what direction I should take. He also inspired me to do a masters degree in marketing as well. Overall Jon is fantastic lecturer, course leader, researcher, and just simply a cool and professional person.

Kimberley Leppink

Marketing, Communications, Innovations, and Strategy

Dr Jonathan Wilson has been the most inspiring and encouraging professor in my course during the MA Strategic Marketing at The University of Greenwich. His dedication to marketing, the excellent way of explaining differences and trends in regard to branding and his interest in different cultures has been a great influence on my vision towards marketing.

Tien Le

Assistant to President

Jon is one of the most memorable and excellent lecturers that I had the pleasure to know and learn from. What makes him a great educator is not only his impressive knowledge and experience, but also his way of delivering what he knows to the audience. His expertise and personality made him very special. Jon has an effective way of making the best out of his students by being strict but also very supportive. He always keeps us thinking more critically, reading more widely, and trying to do better. He also helps students very enthusiastically by answering our questions thoroughly at an impressive speed, even though he was always very busy. This shows his outstanding time management skills, knowledge and dedication for others. When Jon was my tutor, he made me want to keep increasing my work standard by giving high requirements for assignments and timely constructive feedback, which helped me to develop professionally and achieved really good results. I am very thankful for this. To sum up, Jon is a truly brilliant, inspiring and devoted educator that would be a great asset to any institution or organization.

Hirrah Salim

Marketing Executive

Jon is by far one of the most enthusiastic lecturers at Greenwich University, and from a former student's perspective, it is essential for a tutor to be as receptive as possible in their field. His talent involves translating Marketing concepts into digestible segments that his audience could relate to. His zeal for marketing mixed with his friendly approach makes his unique teaching methods all the more engaging. Overall there's always a sense of zeal and wit around Jon and his work.

Lei Li

Marketing Manager, Luxury Fashion

Jon was my Masters dissertation Supervisor as well as my Tutor for some main courses. What makes him unique is that, he has the ability to inspire and maximise an individuals creativity, he would coach rather than just teach. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Jon is definitely the latter, which I still benefit from that till this day to fish on my own. For that reason, hes not only good but great!

Danish Shafi

Digital Display Advertising Trader

Jon has an incredibly unique teaching style that adapts to a variety of student profiles. As he was my personal Dissertation and Research supervisor at the time, I gained first-hand insight into Jon's experience and his ability to convey this into new-found issues in Marketing. Unlike many who teach, Jon also plays the role of the Student by continually researching and absorbing new complexities in a rapid-growing field that is Marketing - a trait he was commonly known for during his lectures and seminars. Aside from his role in academia, Jon's passion for branding, culture and consumer insight has allowed him to become a more rounded marketer specialising in micro-fields that are all relative to both theory and practice. During my time spent with Jon, I was exposed to a range of trusted sources that Jon has been involved in. His credentials in trusted peer-to-peer journals and academic papers defines Jon's 'kaizen' per se and this reflected on his excellent teaching styles both in the classroom and out. Jon has also helped guide me through the vast career choices that one can make in such a competitive market - his experiences have been shared to an intimate level and he has helped me place perspective on what is expected in the working environment. To work with Jon is to be able to entrust a professional with a high-degree of knowledge in both academia and industry roles and his experiences and projects highly reflect this. Highly recommended as a Guru in his field.

Temitope Ogunyemi

Advertising Events and Media Executive

I had the opportunity to have Jon as my supervisor for my Masters dissertation at Uni of Greenwich. He came highly recommended by another student. What strikes me most about him firstly is his expert knowledge on seemingly any given subject. Secondly, is his genuine passion to see his students succeed. When I first contacted him via e-mail about my topic I hadn't actually met him before, but yet he provided me with jaw dropping detail on the direction in which I could take my dissertation, which allowed me to see my topic in a whole new light. He also invaluably connected me to my current internship. Since being under Jon's supervision my dissertation was taken to an unexpected level, receiving a distinction, and I'm learning so much at my internship. He gives recognition and credit where it's due, and most importantly his encouragement. knowledge, and support is second to none.

Benaisha Mehta

Advertising Account Assistant

Jon has been a great guide and a support throughout my years at the University of Greenwich. His seminars and lectures will always be remembered to be fun, creative, 'easy to understand' and with almost 100% attendance by students. He goes one step beyond to help students with assignments and sharing his own past experiences to help us understand each topic better. I am especially thankful to him for believing in me and going out of his way to write me a glowing recommendation, which tremendously helped my job application. I hope to get a chance to work alongside him in the future.

Miguel Cardoso

Fraud Investigation Specialist

As a student at the University of Greenwich, I attended Jon's lessons for 2 years and I can happily say that his methods of teaching are unique, and his ways of motivating students are exclusive. With his energy and a positivist attitude, I was able to look at my academic education differently. His endless examples made, not only myself, but the rest of the students, appreciate what a good teacher and tutor really is. He made his modules as interesting as they could ever get, which made me appreciate marketing even more than before.

Zeinah McQueen

Education Accreditation Officer

While studying at the University of Greenwich I not only had the pleasure of attending some of the most interesting, informative and engaging lectures and tutorials led by Jon, but I was lucky enough to have him as my final year dissertation tutor. I personally believe my results in my final year out shone previous years results by far because of this. I was always amazed by Jon's knowledge of the Advertising and Marketing Communications world from practice to theory. His use of personal experience as examples were useful insights. Jon always went that extra mile to support, encourage and motivate students and even after graduating Jon continued to offer me career & life advice. It was an absolute pleasure being his student!

Xuan Le

Marketing Assistant

I can honestly say it has been a real privilege to have Jon as my lecturer and dissertation supervisor. What makes him stand out is his teaching style. He is positive-minded, straight-forward and his energetic character and humour bring lectures to life, making them enjoyable. His passion for marketing is really inspiring and motivating which pushes you to work to your full potential. I will always remember Jon as my tutor who was funny, dedicated and professional. He gave me a lot guidance, support and clarity which steered me in the right direction of my career path, preparing me for the real world of marketing. I have learnt a great deal from Jon and I have no doubt that any one he takes under his wing will do just the same.

Martin Jay

Media Planning Intern

Jon tutored me for two modules during my second year at the University of Greenwich. Jon is extremely good at balancing the academic side of lecturing whilst still making the topic interesting and giving great insights into the industry. He always has time for his students, be it talking to them after class or emailing back at any hour and you can tell from his work that he puts a lot of time and effort into presentations. Jon gives students not only knowledge but confidence, assurance and guidance. Debates in tutorials help students think for themselves and prepare students for the "real world", this has helped me when going to job interviews for marketing agencies. Overall Jon's inspiring, positive attitude does nothing but gain respect from his students and gives us a hunger to learn.

Younnis Abbad

Sales Executive

Jonathan is an inspirational lecturer who not only provides excellent academic insight but also personal and professional guidance. Lectures and seminars provided by Jonathan were always energetic, interesting and highly interactive. Even after my time at the University he has continued to provide me with guidance which I believe shows his passion to see his students excel in the professional world. I would highly recommend working with Jonathan as his knowledge and passion reflects in all of his work and he is willing to go that extra mile to achieve an excellent standard.

Amrita Johal

Marketing Assistant

I was very fortunate to have Jon as one of my tutors and lecturers whilst studying at the University of Greenwich, more so during my final year as he was my dissertation supervisor. Jon has a unique style of teaching, he was able to share his vast wealth of knowledge with us in both an enjoyable and memorable way. Jon ensured that he got to know his students as individuals, whilst continuously offering us guidance and encouraging us to excel at what we do. It is very inspiring to know someone like Jon and it is clear to see that he has a great passion for what he does.

Rumina Akhter

Undergraduate and Masters Student

In order to provide students with the best experience Jon is always working hard to keep up with current trends in order to make it more applicable to the current market and more relevant to students. Jon can relate to students as he himself plays the role of the student by undertaking continuous research; this is vital especially when working in such a rapidly growing market. I cannot explain how grateful I am for having such an inspirational character like Jon guiding me through my Dissertation which in itself is a big project. Jon continuously believed in me and pushed me to achieve my full potential. It inspired me to work even harder, not only to achieve a high grade, but also to gain even more knowledge to become competent in today's demanding job market. The world is his oyster and I cant wait to watch him continue to grow as an individual and I hope I have the pleasure of working with him again in the future. He encourages everyone to go beyond their perceived limitations. Jons positive attitude rubs off on others therefore is a great person to be able to work with and if you are privileged to be given an opportunity to work with him, take it! Jon pays emphasis to the long term consequences of his actions. One of the things I learnt from Jon was that as a marketer you give in the hope to receive and I believe this to be true for an individual. Jon has dedicated a lot of his time to his students and I believe that is something well all admire and remember him for.

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Speaking at the MarkPlus annual conference to 5,000 delegates
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Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois
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