Living side by side
with ever-changing technologies

In any technical job, doesn't matter which one you choose, you're going to need three important things:

The first one is Knowledge

In every job Knowledge is Power. There are no exceptions, nor shortcuts

Then you need Patience

Great works are performed by Perseverance. Learning a little bit more about your job every day is essential

And most important of everything, Passion

Passion is Energy. Is what pushes you forward to take that next step to get your job done in the most perfect way possible

That's why, a True Technician never stops learning with enthusiasm

Current Experience

Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2005 Present

Digitalwide s.r.l.

Senior Technical Director

Technical Director in System Integration for Audio/Video Broadcast providing any kind of solution in the environments of Production, Post-Production, Streaming, ... Read more

2002 2005

Impact Communication Technology

IT Manager for Broadcast Events

Configuring Servers, Workstations and Laptops for Live Events, Conferencing, Graphics, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Recording and RVM
Managing multiple conf
... Read more

2000 2000


IT Technician

Applying the basics of IT on the field after years of self-studying. From building a computer from scratch, to the fundamentals of networking, implementing hard ... Read more

Fields of Expertise

A quick and clear list of what i can do for you

Audio/Video System Integration
Cost-Effective Solutions
Storage Architectures of any kind
Video Workflow up to 4K and above
Avid Centralised Storage
AJA and Blackmagic Products
Broadcast Equipment
Media Assets Management
Streaming Solutions
Transcoding Automation
Multi-Ingest and RVM
Newtek Tricaster
Livestream Studio
Fibre Channel
Digital Signage
Technical Trainer
Avid Media Composer
Final Cut Studio
Adobe Suite
DaVinci Resolve
Windows Server
Mac OS Server

Technical Skills & Competences in details

  • Design, deploy and manage cost effective storage solutions of any kind to achieve the objectives of any video workflow, from SD-SDI to 4k and above for zero-downtime environments.
  • Deep knowledge in multiple storage brands: Apple XRaid, Promise, Active Storage, Eonstor, Infortrend, ProAvio, RorkeData, Fibrenetix, Nexsan, Dell, Caldigit, G-Technology, Enhance and many more, configuring them as DAS, NAS or SAN for online, nearline, archive or proxy repository both for a solo or collaborative environment
  • Design, deploy and technical assistance of Apple Xsan Systems
  • Design, deploy and technical assistance of Avid ISIS 1000, 5000, 5500 Systems
  • Networking: Managing HP and Dell low latency switches, both stand-alone and modular with the optimizations required in a Video workflow.
  • Fibre Channel switches: Qlogic, Brocade and ATTO
  • Broadcast Equipment: Digital Betacam, XDcam, P2, Cameras, Mixers, Matrix, Signal Generators, distributors, converters, digital recorders, streaming encoders, and more.
  • LTO and ODA archiving devices, including tape libraries and their integrations with archiving softwares like Retrospect, Uranium, Xendata, and MAM solutions
  • Configuration, optimization and troubleshooting with multiple editing software: FinalCut Pro 7/X, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Suite, Davinci Resolve (including Multi-GPU systems), GrassValley Edius and their integration in a centralised workflow
  • OS Based Live solutions such as Newtek Tricaster series, ATEM and LiveStream Studio
  • Streaming solutions, both Live and OnDemand
  • Digital Signage with Spinetix and BrightSign hardware
  • AJA Video Systems Hardware & Software
  • BlackmagicDesign Hardware & Software
  • Multi-Ingestion and RVM software (Cinegy, Softron, Quadrus), and their integration in a collaborative workflow with frame-chase editing (edit-while-ingest) configurations
  • CatDV, Playbox, Active Circle and Media Explorer MAM Solutions
  • Experience in deploying Transcoding workflow with Telestream Episode Pro and Engine in multiple codecs with automated watchfolders
  • MacOS Client environment since version 9
  • MacOS Server environment since version 10.4
  • Windows Client environment since version 3.11
  • Windows Server environment since version 2000
  • Basic Linux environment: Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS
  • Proficient in Microsoft Visio and Omnigroup Omnigraffle for technical presentations of projects and layouts
  • Efficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Working well under pressure in both solo and team
  • Strong analysis and troubleshooting skills
  • Solid teaching skill to deliver proper technical training
  • Writer of technology articles on Linkedin

Main Projects

Here's Just a small part of what i'm proud of....

320 TB Avid ISIS 5500 for MasterChef

The post-production of MasterChef and TopDJ 2016 has fully renovated it's infrastructure with the latest technologies in a centralised workflow to face the new challenges of the digital age.
- 320 TB Avid ISIS 5500 System with Resilient redundancy.
- 300 TB NAS for nearline and backup storage
- 27 Avid Media Composer 8.5 workstations, editing multi-cam timelines of up to 9 video streams XDcam 1920x1080i50

128 TB Xsan, Ingest, Editing and RVM for GazzettaTV

Gazzetta dello Sport is Italy's main newspaper about sport, with more than 100 years of publications, since April 3 1896. Now it finally moved into the Television's world with it's own TV channel named GazzettaTV.
- Mac OS Yosemite 10.10 Xsan system.
- All the workstations are under Thunderbolt environment.
- 128 TB of single Fibre Channel 8Gbit San Volume.
- 4x Ingest channels with Softron Movierecorder in TV format 1920x1080i25 XDcam EX 35Mbit.
- 4x RVM channels with Softron OnTheAir Node.
- Special Rackmount support for MacPro 2013 designed by myself in co-operation with MCLore, to host the Ingest/RVM system.
- 3x remote control workstations for Ingest and RVM.
- 6x Editing workstations with iMac 27" and MacPro 2013 with FCP7 and Adobe CC.
- SMB ver.3 resharing for sending files to Archiving and MAM systems.

152 TB Xsan system for 4K in Videogang

Videogang is one of our major post-production facilities in the Fashion business, and they needed a centralised system to manage 4K Sony Raw footage.
- Mac OS Maverick 10.9 and Mountain Lion 10.8 Xsan system
- 152 TB on Three SAN Fibre Channel Arrays for online editing with Sony RAW 4K
- 136 TB on Two NAS systems for Backup and nearline.
- Mixed environment 8Gbit and 4Gbit for 4K and HD editing
- 6x Editing Workstations on Apple Mac Pro 2012 / 2013 and Adobe Premiere CC 2014 designed for 4K editing
- Quantum Scalar i40 LTO Library for long term backup
- CatDV Pegasus 11 as MAM solution

64 TB Xsan, Multi-Ingestion, RVM and Digital Signage in Astana Theatre (Kazakistan)

The system has been built inside the Grand Opera Theatre of Astana (Kazakistan) to record, edit and supply a multicast live stream of the events.
- Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8 Xsan system
- 64 TB SAN Fibre Channel Array
- 4x channels of Multi-Ingestion with Softron Movierecorder.
- 2x RVM channels with OnTheAirNode
- 1x Transcoding workstation with Telestream Episode Pro
- Full Remote of Ingestion and RVM system using iMac workstations and OnTheAir Manager
- 4x Editing workstation with Adobe Premiere CC 2013.
- 1x Avid ProTools system for audio management.
- Live Streaming IP Multicast of the Program over 50x Spinetix in the local network, using Haivision Makito.

128 TB Avid ISIS 5000 with 40x Editing Workstations and Multi-Ingestion in Infront Production

Our major post-production for live events like X-Factor and Hells Kitchen use Avid systems to manage everything.
- 128 TB Avid ISIS System
- 40x Editing Workstations mixed Mac OS and Windows with Avid Media Composer
- 8x Channels of Multi-Ingestion with Cinegy Capture Pro to ingest XDcam EX 35 w ith mxf wrapper OP1a, instantly ready to edit with Avid.

128 TB Xsan in Gambero Rosso TV

I've built this Xsan system in one of our most famous tv channels in Italy: Gambero Rosso Channel
- Mac OS Lion 10.7 Xsan system
- 128 TB SAN Fibre Channel Array
- 4x channels of Multi-Ingestion with Softron Movierecorder
- 2x RVM channels with OnTheAirNode
- Full Remote of Ingestion and RVM system using iMac workstations and OnTheAir Live
- 5x Editing workstation with Final Cut 7
- 1x Editing Workstation with Avid Media Composer
- MAM system with Apple Final Cut Server (Now migrating to CatDV)

96 TB Xsan system in Deejay TV (previously AllMusicTV)

Our main radio channel: "Radio Deejay" hosts the Tv channel of the former All Music TV, one of the greatest italian music network, now named "DeejayTV". When this happened, i created a system to manage the post production of their live events.
- Mac OS Lion 10.7 Xsan system
- 96 TB SAN Fibre Channel Arrays
- 4x channels of Multi-Ingestion with Softron Movierecorder
- 2x RVM channels with OnTheAirVideo
- Full Remote of Ingestion and RVM system using MacMini workstations
- 7x Editing workstation with Final Cut 7
- Open directory Cluster for micro-management of permissions

85 TB XSAN and 32 TB Avid ISIS in OnAir Post-Production

In the field of advertising, OnAir is one of the major post-productions in Milano. With a private area for the shooting, and a dedicated theatre room with 3D digital Projections, they needed a centralised storage 13x editing rooms and a separated array for their 3x Avid Media Composer.
- Mac OS Yosemite 10.8 Xsan system.
- Mixed Environment Mac and Linux.
- 85 TB Fibre Channel arrays for online editing.
- 64 TB NAS for Backup.
- 32 TB Avid ISIS 5500.
- 12x Editing workstations on Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Suite.
- 1x Editing workstation with Autodesk Flame on Linux, integrated with Stornext FX.
- 3x Editing workstations on Avid Media Composer.

96 TB XSAN in Armando Testa

In Torino, one of the main realities in the Advertising, needed to unify it's storage for it's post-production area named LittleBull.
- Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6 Xsan system
- 64 TB Fibre Channel Array for online editing
- 32 TB SAN Fibre Channel for nearline and backup
- 7x Editing Workstations on Final Cut 7 and Adobe Suite
- 1x Editing Workstation with Autodesk Smoke on Mac
- Final Cut Server as MAM solution.
- Integration between FCServer and an Open Directory Cluster for the micro-management of the editing environment.

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See where I spend time studying and gaining early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

2009 Today

Brocade University Online

Fibre Channel

For better design centralised storage environment for Video productions, a knowledge in Fibre Channel protocols, Switches, Cables and HBA is a must.

2009 Today

Pluralsight IT Library

System Administration, Server, and Programming

The online library of training for System Administrators and IT managers, always updated with the latest technologies.

2011 Today

Creative Professional

To keep up-to-date with the latest software used by the creators of contents to offer the best support, this site provides the perfect online courses.

2011 Today


Creative Professional

Along with, one of the best resources in the web to learn fundamentals and advanced concepts for the best software for content creators

2012 Today

CISCO Premium Learning Network


In my job, networking covers a fundamental part, and Cisco offers the best training in the field.

2012 Today

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Windows Server

A viable resource covering the basics for Microsoft products

1997 2001

ITIS E.Fermi, Desio

Science and Technology High School

The first experimental course focused on modern science and technology to land in Italy. A special address with fundamentals of programming, advanced math and p ... Read more

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