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Sales Management Consultant
Trainer | Speaker | Author
The K A S H Consulting Group
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GSPR | Gilad Sales Personnel Recruitment
Isma - Israel Sales Management Academy
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I am a result driven multilingual Hebrew, English & French ,Sales Management Consultant, Trainer, Coach & passionate dynamic Speaker. A leading authority on sales force evaluation, recognized as one foremost expert in Israel in selection & recruiting Salespeople.

Consulting & Training Programs for
Sales Managers | Business Owners | CEO

A concise list of 13 of the most valuable professional consulting and training programs I deliver to Sales Managers.
| My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table, are hiden there|

Compensation | benefits
rewards and appraising
sales performance

The Sales Manager
role and

How to manage
Key accounts
B2C | D2D |B2B

Sales Management
by Objectives
Personal targets
for Sales people

How to Motivate
Provide appraisals, feedback, incentives
and benefits

Long term
and Marketing strategies
Sales objectives

Lead Generation
Pipeline Building

sales People

Sales Managers
Sales People

Sales & Sales Management

The Sales Manager
as the Coach
of his
sales people

is not Directing
Team Building

Sales Department
Organizational Development

Fundraising For nonprofit Organizations

Gilad G. Gilboa is heavily involved in fundraising & Donations activities, he conducted hundreds of campaigns for nonprofit organizations & was chosen by Israel Bond Organization to manage a five month campaign in Paris, France selling Israel Bonds. Gilad is a professional expert in this realm and can assist you:

  • Organize full campaign
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Formulate & create telescripts for volunteers
  • Train
  • Supervise

Recourses For  Fundraising

Sales Workshops

A concise list of some of the most valuable workshops

Selling Retail


How to be

Basic Selling Skills
selling skills

Selling Value
instead the Price
****Sellling Technology

Key Accounts

How to sell
at the
C - Level?

How to structure
the deal to close?


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

Alexander Hamilton Institute ~ New York, USA

Executive Skills Program


Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill Univercity ~ Tokyo, Japan

MBA Business Administration

18 Month - Intensive Program The McGill MBA Japan is a unique, integrated 18 month program for working professionals in Japan and East Asia. It is taugh entirely in English by professors who fly from the home campus in Montreal, Canada.

University of Haifa

BBA Marketing

------------------- - ------------------------- Under the supervision of Professor Michael Perry

Gilad Gilboa - Testimonials

I have a successful track record of increasing sales for small & midsize organization up to International concerns. Carried out more than 1,000 consulting and training projects in the realm of Sales & Sales Management. some of them are represented below.

My clients produces extraordinary results, consistently, which previously were either considered unfeasible, or were believed to require an unreasonable commitment of time and money. Take a look at what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Some of my Clients

Gilad consulted to hundreds managers & trained thousands of salespeople in a wide variety of industries.

Art Judaica | Ambil | Rampal | Spring | Skylock | Ono Security | Moked 101 | Simply Wood | Lubinsky ( Peugeot & Citroen | Darplast | Robogroup | Roltag | Netafim | Polysack | Techno - Av | Synergy Cables | Phibro | Medwow | Baran | Proteus | Verifon | Arrow | Bynet | Kalil | Comrax | Riumar Shiping | ..........Parcial list.

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Call +972-50-6943915 I am waiting for you

You cannot fly like an Eagle, so long you are spinning with the Ducks

This place is reserved for you

Call me +972-50-6943-915

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to loose sight of the shore

Yeshayia Ben Yehuda

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem - Head of International Depmt

" Gilad delivered an outstanding seminar for our donor campain managers from the whole world gathered in Jerusalem for a week of learning and thinking - on how to plan and implement a donation campaign abroad. The output is ammazing. Gilad contributed considerably to the development of our donation campaigns."

Rabai Chanoch Gair

Netivot Olam Yeshiva

" Gilad is training & coaching, for many years, our telemarketers seeking for donation. His special talents, clear, short, practical, no fancy words, provide use with tools to use in real situations, tat ennable increase year after year the amounts received.

Name is hiden

Key Account Manager selling Technology B2B

“I have been in sales for more than 20 years and I am really sorry that I had not followed your training at the beginning of my career, I feel strongly now that I would have acted differently and increased substantially my sales."

Coca Cola

Noya - Recruitment


Libi Kahana Davidson

Former H.R Manager at Med Wow

Eli Dahapour
Former Sales Manager
B.G technology

“Gilad was partner in the implementation of the changes in the organization structure & processes. His contribution to me personaly was by helping me think differently. He assisted us train the salespeople conducting several workshops on sales. His fast moving informative, professional workshops attracted all my sales staff,

Paul Berman

Training Manager/Israel
H.Stern diamonds & jewels

For many years already, we hire Gilad to train and retrain, again and again, our sales staff and we are very satisfied. we will continue inviting him to contribute to our sales effort .

Miky Baretzki

CEO Horizon Electronics

If you expect to hear from Gilad what you already know, you bettter find yourself another consultant. Gilad is not like other consultants I worked with. He is always delivering new fresh innovative ideas and provides alternatives. He learns quickly the situation, provide his prognosis and immediatly rolls up his sleeves, work closely with me, is accountable to me for results.

Roy Mintz



Danny Denan

CEO at Enerpoint Israel

I am following Gilad advices for many years. In 3 role as CEO, Gilad was involved designing new state of mission growth and thanks to his skills and abilities, assisted us recruiting managers and salespeople, develop the sales force structure , operation methods. performance measurement. and guidance how to compensate and motivate the sales team for peak performance.

Gideon Yakir

CEO at Yakir Industries ltd

Since 2013, Gilad is helping us recruit sales peoples & sales managers and recently (December 2014)a new sales manager and a business unit manager were recruited with his assistance.We are very satisfied with the results. It is a great success. Gilad`s 13 smart recruitment filters are very acurate, effective and reliable.

Efrat Tzahor

Head of Tourism Division

Gilad worked with our sales managers in order to improve their sales technics. Gilad contributed a lot from his experience, he taught them new sales strategies and negotiation skills. Although our team is very experienced and professional, they found GIlad's sales methods to be very useful and unique.

Kfir Ben-Yehuda

Owner, Lahat technologies Ltd.

Gilad showed high level of profesionalism and did his best to promote the sales activity with the Sales force of the company.

Moshik Galed

Highly experienced Leader & Executive.Held VP Sales,Trade,Distribution, Business Development roles,Localy & Globaly.

Gilad was the tutor of my first Sales course I have ever attended. It was 20 years ago! We have crossed ways again via Linkedin and Gilad is now acting on my behalf and trying to help with new job placement. Gilad is very friendly, thorough, connected and has a unique assessment system derived from his vast knowledge and experience.

Sarit Goren - Razaby

at we do 4 u

עבדתי ביחד עם גלעד על פרויקט לתיאום פגישות לחברת אנרגיה סולארית.
גלעד העביר הדרכה לנציגים הטלפוניים שלי ולסוכנים של אותה חברה, ההדרכה של גלעד היתה מקצועית מאד, יסודית מאד ורצינית מאד.
תודה מראש על העבודה הנאמנה שלך.

Michael Perry

Chairman at Mitzuv

Gilad G. is an excellent lecturer and trainer. He is very knowledgable and innovative in his field and gets excellent results.

אסף נומיס Assaf Nomis

Founder of: PARSEMU, WebCream, Up-ppc

Gilad is a leading professional in his field. Consulting with Gilad had boosted up my business and increased my income. Highly recommended!

Sarah Bechor

Creating Our New Story - Evolusionary Vision & Strategy at Gordon Academy

Gilad is an proficient at the domain of sales management, selecting & recruiting sales people, coaching & training your sales people, personal and professional development.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

Current - 1989

Founder & CEO

> The KASH Consulting Group

1989 - 1985

Manager Northern District
& Training Director

Israeli Branch of
Manufacturer"s Life Insurance

1973 - 1985

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Prime Minister Office

Relocation to Japan, Nigeria and France
Special Missions

Founder & CEO

> The KASH Consulting Group

A result driven, multiple languages ( French, English, Hebrew) Sales & Sales Management Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

Manager Northern District
& Training Director

Israeli Branch of
Manufacturer"s Life Insurance

Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Coaching & supervising about 200 sales & sales managers in the life insurance. Increased annual gross sales by 700%, during 3 years.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Prime Minister Office

Relocation to Japan, Nigeria and France
Special Missions


About Gilad Gilboa
Methodology | Approach | Character

My approach is to provide long term leadership standards and implement advanced Sales Management practices. I don't just recommend - I assess, plan, design and implement the changes needed. My approach to coaching, seminars and workshops shortens the learning curve and allows relevant content to really “stick” and give your team the competitive edge they need to successfully compete in tough selling conditions. Combining web and video conferencing, hands-on activities, role-playing and other interactive tools, your team will learn effective strategies to acquire customers and build long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

I uses a "Begin with the end in mind"approach to align the training with the goals & objectives; I will ask you" What are we trying to accomplish?" consult with management to determine specific goals, objectives, needs and desired outcomes for the project. Once we have defined the objectives, we then need to understand:How can we gage our success?What metrics can we use to measure the effect of this event?What changes in attitudes must place in order to see improvements in these metrics?What do we want participants to THINK differently and DO differently as a result of this event?"

I NEVER deliver any workshop " off the shelf". My materials are custom made tailored to fit your business & the needs of each individual within your sales team.

My fast-moving, informative, creative, exciting talks and seminars,draw capacity audiences and bring immediate and long- term changes.

An eternal optimist with abundance charisma, friendlyand enthusiastic. My strengths are charms, warmth, persuasiveness and the ability to work together as a team, following my lead to attain a common objective. I pursue my purpose tenaciously until it is completed,stubbornlyresisting any attempt to sway me from it.

גלעד גלבוע

יועץ, מדריך, מרצה ומאמן מקצועי בתחומי ניהול המכירות, המכירות והטלמרקטינג, מעניק לארגונים עסקיים הזדמנות לפרוץ דרך במכירות באמצעות מתן כלים יישומיים בהדרכה, בניהול מכירות, בייעוץ ארגוני למערכי מכירות, בהשתלמויות ובאימונים. דרך הייעוץ וההדרכה שלי ייחודית, אני מדגים את המציאות ולא רק מדבר עליה מבקש מהשומעים ש"ינגסו בתפוח " כלומר שיחוו את המציאות. מעביר מסרים בצורה מקורית וייחודית, מתבל את החומר המקצועי והמודלים בסיפורים ובעדויות מהשטח. מדבר בשפה ברורה, מתודית, מרתקת וסוחפת ומוביל את מאזיניי לחשיבה יוצרת. מסייע להם להתנתק מדעות קדומות ומקיבעון חשיבתי ועוזר להם להגיע לרמת מודעות גבוהה יותר. ההופעה המקצועית והמלהיבה שלי מרתקת אנשים רבים, והם מגיעים ומאזינים לי שוב ושוב. ברשימת הגלילה, תמצאו פירוט של השירותים העיקריים שאני מעניק

איתור | מיון | השמה של מנהלי ואנשי מכירות

בלתי אפשרי לייצר ארנקי משי מאוזניים של חזיר

1989 - מאז צלצלו 050-6943-915

אימון והדרכת אנשי מכירות

זבנים בחנויות ובאולמות תצוגה | מנהלי ומהנדסי מכירות | B2B | B2C | D2D | טלמרקטינג | בינלאומי

1989 - מאז ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

אימון והדרכה 1:1 למנהלי מכירות

קראו את הספר של גלעד: לנהל אנשי מכירות

1989 - מאז בקרוב

ייעוץ ארגוני למערכי מכירות


1989 - מאז תהליך שנמשך כ 10 שבועות ויותר ( בהתאם לכמות אנשי המכירות בארגון), אחת לשבוע 4 עד 6 שעות , במהלכן אני מבצע אבחון, כולל התלוות לאנשי המכירות לפגישות, ניתוח הממצאים והפקת מסקנות, הצגת חלופות להנהלה, סיעור מוחות וגיבוש תכנית עבודה, ליווי הארגון עד להטמעה מלאה בשגרת העבודה היום יומית .

Gilad Gilboa Contact info

Get in touch with me to share an idea, just say hello or hire me

P.O.Box 43 Givat Chen, Israel


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