Filippa K

Likes the Elgief Painting "Vandalising Filippa K"

Filippa K is one of top leading Scandinavian fashion companies, with strong position in longlasting fashion. Filippa K reached a turnover of 70 million Euro and a growth of 12 % in 2013. Filippa K has today 350 passionate employees, 7 local Filippa K offices and head office in Stockholm. Filippa K offers a full range of fashion garments including shoes, bags & accessories, to both women and men.

Grolsch Global

Definitely one of the most singular...

Gustav Frndfors is a Swedish multi-media artist who uses light and shadows to see through shapes. In our little profile of him, he reimagines the Grolsch bottle into a serpentine, wiry skeleton apparently inspired by the sound of the bottle opening. Its definitely one of the most singular canvases we came across at the 400 event in Amsterdam check it out.

Angela Markovic Fotografiska F1-6 Review

You cant find anything with a similar feel in Stockholm.It seems like an international club was picked up and placed on our doorstep.

[...] I loved the front dcor right away. You cant find anything with a similar feel in Stockholm. It seems like an international club was picked up and placed on our doorstep, filling the missing gap in our nightlife. Stockholm Prize Press Release

2013,Fotografiska F1-6 won the category "Club of the Year".

The magazine Njesguiden annually awards the Stockholm Prize to people and phenomenons that have meant something extra for the city. 2013, Fotografiska F1-6 won the category"Club of the Year". This year, their new success, Musikaliska Krog Grd Natt, is nominated in the same category.

Summit Stockholm P Stngda Drrar Exhibition

Here's one of the photos taken by our friend and amazing artist Gustav Frndfors! Thanks and Thanks again.

Thank you all who came to our vernissage / After Work at Summit T-House yesterday - let's do it again! And a big hand to our amazing DJ Love O'Jensa from Franskild and of course to the extremely talented artist Gustav Frndfors.Have a great weekend!

Photographic Painted Prints

A media ocean, lookin' lookin' for something? Many new suburbans was built during the 1900th due to the technical revolution. Hammarby Sjöstad become the home of one new generation in Stockholm. Their parents left the countryside for the city expansion. To understand what advantage these kids will have, some basic facts is required.

Photography has been my given choice of communication through Uncle Uno. He was part time plumber, part time photographer during his lifetime in New York.

Me, let's say LGF90, bought the first digital camera in the 90's. He started to experiment with software, cameras and video. The professional carrier started at age 15 in Stockholm.

Mixed media content became his main progression area through film making, painting and sound design. This, and the obsession with the Advertisement industry, became the core of exploring the digital media platform in 20th century.


The impact from Jobs, Zuckerberg and Anita Borg networks and technical solutions of modern history defined my choice of colours.

Recruit Technical Women

These are, along with a few more, people dedicated to make mankind interact in different ways. Logical to some. Wrong to others.

Either way, our communication has and will change.

The visual and auditorial media reaches out greater then any fairytale has ever done before. "Peter and the wolf" is today considered as a Bowie song, and millions of related to media content.

This is how we paint our future picture. Our kids can find easy accessible parenting when we're tired and angry.


Every kid need only two things:

Food with hi sugar AND Video


This is what technology is configured for. Storage for improved production of brain activity. With enough food, future generations will be able to go on without sleep. Getting to know the world better and faster.

My generation can't though. We are born human and therefor change our mind.

Grolsch 400 Approaching our 400th anniversary, the best

21th Century Elgief


Talking about what you can't see

  • Rakade bort skägget / Shaved my beard
  • Slutade måla / stopped painting
  • och fick / dream job

If produced it can be erased."Private" is the most beneficial mode in human history. The failure is not as threatening anymore when associated with visual invisibility. I tend to hoover over "private" when fucking up every time. It is a great feature for the human brain. A tool of honesty and letting go.

The Studio is financed by face and voice recognition, "privated" content and human relations. The best way to get filthy rich is investments in people you believe in and the tools they produce.

Elgief Social Finger Painting
Digital Signatures
The Perfect Shadow of a Person.
Julia Frej, Sing and Song Writer, Stockholm.
Breeze Arnold, Model, California.
Lars Gustav Frändfors

This is the consequences of the path one chooses.

One tool. / Love Elgief90

Tim Sylvan - Chair Man of Corporate Laboratory AB and Hepatit Krom.

BUSINESS - Tim Sylvan

och fick mitt drömjobb

"Idag är jag nöjd om jag får en god natts sömn."
Vi hittade varandra i natten. Uppvuxna i samma förort. Alla pojkar hade avslutat sina studier och arbetade. Vi formade en grupp och tog hand om varandra. Höll medlemmarna om ryggen när det blåste.
Vi trivdes bra med cash på fickan, en verkstadslokal på rivningskontrakt och fri tillgång till alla stadens nattklubbar. Många hade sedan ungdomsåren tillits-svårigheter vilket skapade tveksamma relationer med auktoriteter. Alla växte inte upp med närvarande föräldrar där jag kommer ifrån.
När problemen blev större försvann många. Vi blev argare, fick sämre självkänsla och använde missbruk som drivkraft. Vägrade att vara sämre än någon annan. Man får leva som man vill, det tycker de allra flesta. Men lever man i utkanten av samhället, blir man ofta tillrättavisad. Långsamt blir man mentalt kallare, mer förbannad och hävdar sig genom konfrontation. Man gör allt för att stå i vägen. För att inge skräck och bli respekterad.
Det var smärtsamt och tog lång tid att återhämta sig.
Förr gav det mig prestationsångest att ingå i en grupp. Jag kände mig oärlig då min känsla var otroligt självisk. Människan drivs av att inte känna sig lögnaktig. Idag har jag större kännedom om mig själv. Nu kan jag se berusade människor på stan utan att bli mållös.
Jag vet hur det är att vara rädd för beroendet. Hur svårt det är att besegra. Med pengar från kundtjänsten kunde jag köpa färg och mobildata. Hjärnan behöver utagera. En osegregerad miljö gav mig kännedom om andra familjers hantering av motgångar.
I mitt konstnärliga utövande illustrerar vi den värld vi inte orkar prata om. Jag önskar att få fortsätta måla, gärna tillsammans med andra. Lars Lerin är min samtida förebild. Arbetet han gör tillsammans med Mikael Persbrandt är inspirerande.

Liknande Video: Autodidakt därmed uppmärksam - Koncentrationsproblemen gör henne starkare.
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