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Aggressive A-type, corporate go-getter and businesswoman is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when meeting style expert Heidi Nazarudin, the face and voice behind the popular, 500k+ monthly PVs fashion blog TheAmbitionista.com - which has grown from strength to strength and now has over 100,000 email subscribers as well as more than 200,000 social media followers.

Heidi is a former high-flying international i-banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed company who started blogging 7 years ago before officially launching TSS in 2013. With her strong corporate background and platform as a polished style expert, Heidi personally knows the unique challenges and needs of professional, business-minded women and she uses her personal blog as a sounding board for those just like her who love looking good - all the while amplifying their corporate and business strengths through their wardrobe choices.

Heidi is a firm believer of style coupled with substance - this is a woman who graduated top of her class with a degree in Computer Science, an international globe-trotting investment banker of a top financial institution, and a woman who was named CEO of a Tokyo-based Nasdaq technology company, all before she turned 28.

She has been featured and mentioned in numerous media outlets including CBS, BBC News, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Brazen Life, Monster.com and many more as a style and business-oriented personal branding expert.

Want an instant in? Notice her shoes, or ask her about the time she walked away from corporate lifeto pursue a different kind of wealth--the kind that included a great guy and a ghostwriting gig for afashion blog--and her boss thought her resignation letter was a joke. It’s a great story.

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