James Kies

TEDx speaker, certified John C. Maxwell Coach/Trainer/Speaker, Learning Tree Instructor and Enterprise Software Developer

James Kies has dedicated his life to the study of organizational behaviors of software development companies, as well as, the processes and approaches that work best.
Along his journey he has had the privilege, and honor, working with and studying under some the most amazing minds of our times; Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli and countless others, to answer the question "What do the best companies do right to succeed?" He prizes his work with 3M, Nielsen, 352 Media, Northwrite Inc, QForma, HCI, RCI, XL Insurance and Scrum Inc. every bit as much as the work he has been able to perform with hundreds of small and medium sized companies over the years.
Currently, James has been building software that helps organizations, of all sizes, to gather large-scale anonymous empirical data on themselves that is then used to feed a continuous improvement program. He and his team of coaches are available for hire for:
· Long Term Drip-Coaching
· Large-Scale Hosted-Call Assessments
· Establishing/Running Distributed, on-shore teams
· Training/Empowering teams remotely
· On-Site, deep dive assessments
· Training Workshops
· Custom Software Builds

Software James has created and/or utilizes are:
· CRDSRC, Crowd Sourced-People Powered
· Livevotingapp.com


2015 Disruptive TEDx Talk in Melville, NY

In the new world, we are no longer students in a class room waiting on a teacher. The knowledge and informations has been set free. We no longer require the tree-like structure that management constructed as a conduit for that knowledge and information. To learn more, please watch the video above.

Crowd Sourced | People Powered

Trained coaches use cutting edge, in-house, technology to create live, real time,crowd sourcingevents (usually 45min-2hrs) where ideas, insights andenlightenment'scan be flushed out of as many as 1,000 people at the same time. When a company or group is having a problem, needs fresh ideas, or wants to tackle large initiatives successfully, our coaches can offer success no other company can begin to offer.The marriage we have created between top trained live coaching and custom-cut technology, has made it possible, if not simple, to bring the feeling of closeness and family back to the largest of organizational structures.Our software honors teams and team-of-team fractal structures (Scrum) to allow for real time processing. This creates unique business and team structure tracking to allow for real time, massively scalable leadership, coaching and training work.

This is the first time you can just "plug-into" your entire organization to diagnose, adjust, re-check and ultimately adjust.

LiveVotingApp.com: My Anonymous, real time audience engagement platform.

Works on all common devices, phones, tablets, kids toys, music players, laptops and desktops of all types with nothing to install and nothing to download.

Push Questions to a Live Audience:

Audience chooses answer that best fits them:

Results are INSTANT and ANONYMOUS:

In the room, from the stage or online you can now combine all of the devices of your audience together in seconds and use them to interact anonymously and in real time.


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Eddie Torrent


It was a pleasure to work with James, who, aside from his technical skills, is also a really good bloke I would happily share a beer with. His enthusiasm for the technology and project was a major factor in keeping the client happy and engaged when faced with tight deadlines and a complex set of requirements, all the while managing and motivating a team distributed over several continents.

Eamon Behrens

Software Developer at Lansing Trade Group, LLC

I was so pleased with James Kies's work on our website. He has expert veteran skills in .Net. James provided lots of insight and support for our project. He has mad programming skills and I look forward to working with him again.

Chris Warren

SEO Consultant at Distilled

I worked with James to scope out several projects for Wikispeed including a comprehensive content management system for large distributed organizations. It was the ultimate pleasure working with him, on a very technical project he made easy for me to understand and integrate myself. I would take any opportunity to work with James because it's a fantastic learning experience because of the depth of his knowledge.

Phil Young

Executive Pastor at Westside Baptist Church

James accepted a difficult challenge and delivered a creative software solution that accomplished our goals. It was amazing.

Preston Alexander

Owner, Preston Alexander

I own a Software company. Due to fast growth we were in desperate need of a Lead Developer to re-architect, design and develop a large enterprise software. What James accomplished was nothing short of astonishing. On a scale of 1 -10 , James performed as follows:
• C# .Net Development Skills: 10
• DBA / Database Development: 10
• Leadership skills: 10
• Project Management Skills: 10
• Client Interfacing Skills: 10
• Positive Attitude that is infectious throughout development team: 10
• Comprehensive Enterprise Software Development: 10

I ' ve had the priveledge of working with many Microsoft Developers and Data guys throughout the US. James is flat out the best .

Preston Alexander, LLC

Oscar Agreda

AngularJS with .NET backends, on Windows, iOS, and Android. I help developers and architects do the same.

I've worked with many enterprise application architects and developers in my 15+ years in the software development profession, and over that time, James has stood out as one of the absolute best. Over the past 5 years, I've had the opportunity to partner with James on some complex client projects, and in each one, he has brought an impressive array of skills, experience, and knowledge to the table -- coupled with a natural leadership ability that synergizes Scrum Development Teams in the trenches. His knowledge of enterprise web technologies and the Microsoft stack is as deep as I've encountered. In addition to his technical expertise, James is a complete team player and coach from every angle - he forges genuine and lasting relationships through credible and rich technical conversation, relentless transparency, and with a fun and energizing demeanor both in and out of the daily work environment.

Ed DeCosta

Executive Coach, Speaker and Author

James is a skilled coder to be sure, but that is the icing on the cake. His core value is his depth of understanding of client needs and passion to over-deliver. I have witnessed James' skill and benefited from his talent. I highly recommend him.

Rob Eisenberg

CTO at Durandal Inc.

James is an enthusiastic visionary. He can come into any situation, cast a vision for greatness and innovation and have the entire team running towards that goal.

Paul Carreiro

Sr. Database Administrator at CityTeam Ministries

10Geek Software did a great job on our Access receipting project. We really appreciated the thoughtful planning, on-time delivery, and the high quality standards they demonstrated on our project. We ran end of year "holiday" volumes on the Access receipts code, and the new function worked perfectly. We would happily recommend 10Geek Software to any of our business contacts needing custom Microsoft software development.

Nicholas Panone

Chief Technology Officer / Senior .Net Engineer at Media Adventures LLC

James is a pillar in the Information Technology community. His passion for Scrum is infectious which will lead any development team from discovery to final delivery. His abilities as a leader and a mentor would complement any company looking to be successful.

Chris Whittier

Senior Developer - UX / UI Design at Heartland Crop Insurance, Inc.

James is a great team leader in an Agile environment. He understands the needs of team members and will work shoulder to shoulder to get them what they need to perform their duties efficiently. Even if it means extraordinary effort, he genuinely cares about the success of a project and is recommended as a project manager.

Joe Justice

President Scrum Hardware practice at Scrum, Inc.

James is a .Net and related technology stack ninja. He is one of the rare tech-masters who can talk tech, do tech well, and also manage the project with the business. I recommend James as a solutions architect, tech lead, and CIO depending on company size and goal. Adding him to a development endeavor will let him up-train and enhance the existing team, deliver value himself, and provide regular opportunities for the business to be informed and steer.

Paul Bursch

Chief Technology Officer

James is a very talented IT professional who understands the software development life cycle very well. His Agile Scrum Mastery combined with expert level cutting edge web development technical knowledge produce very impressive products/results. Additionally, he positive nature and roadblock busting skills make him an excellent addition to any team.

Jennifer M. Stoff, CAP-OM

Fleet Manager at Direct Energy / Advisor at Advocare

Wings Chapter in Dayton, Ohio was involved at the very beginning of a new community web-based project through the International Association of Administrative Professionals. James was always there for us as our chapter was one of the early pioneers of the new system. Every step of the way he was readily available to train and answer our questions as we built our new chapter website. James has been very open to new thoughts and suggestions and still does an outstanding job of continually developing our web community, which has created a much more professional image for our chapter as well as the association.

Brittney Sheffield

Marketing Strategist for 352 Inc.

James has been an excellent coach as I've transitioned from traditional project managers to a Scrum Master at 352 Media Group. He also has a talent for explaining and demonstrating the benefits of Agile development and Scrum practices to clients during the on-boarding process.

Derek Beattie

Lead Mobile Developer (contract) at Enjin

As a .NET developer/contractor I worked with James for roughly 3 months. James has a great deal of experience in IT. Among James' skills his greatest is his ability to lead a development team/project. James has a in depth understanding of agile scrum which makes a developers job easy. I'd happily recommend James for a lead role as well as educating others about agile scrum.

Leonardo Rodrigues

Software Developer at 352

I have had the pleasure of working with James in various occasions during the past 6 months. Regardless of tittle, James brings the same enthusiasm, team playing abilities, leadership and an abundance of knowledge from years of experience in the software industry.

He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about everything agile, lean, and scrum. He is always able to bring structure to otherwise chaotic environments using those principles and leaving the room inspiring others to do more, to be more.

Lisa Cudd CAP-OM

Project Manager at Marion General Hospital

James has been wonderful to work with over the past year and a half building and maintaining our IAAP Ohio Division and Harding Chapter website. He always has an answer to my questions and resolution to my problems I have no qualms in recommending James and RobotBuilders.

Oscar Agreda

AngularJS with .NET backends, on Windows, iOS, and Android. I help developers and architects do the same.

James is an experienced and hard-working developer with years of experience working with the .NET platform, Microsoft stack, and an outstanding scrum master. He brought to the team a strong understanding of enterprise systems, quality design skills and quickly stepped into a leadership role both driving development efforts and mentoring other developers. James was also able to wear many hats, and willing to contribute however possible to help maximize productivity, whether that was teaching advanced development techniques to other team members, server as the main QA person, assisting to debug the code to find bugs, helping configure the source change system or stepping up to write tools that would speed the development life cycle. He stepped into his architect role after I worked with him directly but I'm confident in his ability as a fast learner and can easily recommend James as a top senior level .NET developer and Scrum Master.

Eddie Torent


James is a thoughtful, bright and energetic person. Beyond his technical talents, he has the ability to help and motivate others to be successful in their roles as developers and members of a team. His insight into Agile methods would be an asset to any organization. I enjoyed my time working with James, and would gladly do so again.

Oscar Agreda

AngularJS with .NET backends, on Windows, iOS, and Android. I help developers and architects do the same.

James is a highly skilled manager with a rare depth of technical aptitude. He had a very positive and motivating management style and excelled at finding effective solutions to difficult problems, managing the team to achieve their best even in the most challenging situations. I consider him to be a powerful leader and mentor. He quickly earned both my confidence and respect. James can understand the big scope and be able to focus the team efforts and insights to successful results.

Geoff Wilson

President & Founding Partner of 352 Inc. | Serial Entrepreneur | Speaker & Author of BarelyManage.com

James has been a fantastic part of our team and has infused our company with his tremendous knowledge of agile development and cutting-edge programming technologies.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Gainesville, Florida Area

( 352 ) 327 - 3001

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