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Buying a Diamond

Visiting a jewelry store to buy a diamond is not an easy task, especially when you have not researched much about this gem .We have listed some important factors that would help you with thebest purchase available.

Know the shape

The buyer should have a clear picture of the shape. If in doubt, go for a round or princess cut. Round shape emits more shine and sparkle. The ratio of length to width is a criterion for an attractive shape.

Carat weight

Determine the weight of the diamond you are planning to buy.The popular carat weights are ½ CT, 3/4 CT, 1 CT. Visually they may look the same, but the weight differs. In addition to weight the price of this gem depends on many variables.

Cut of the diamond

Cut grade is a very important factor determining the look of the jewel. At times the look of the diamond would look pale even though the clarity and color might be of high quality.GIA has defined the grades. However many of the stores may mislead the buyer by using their own cut grades. Excellence or very good grade should be chosen if you are going for round shape diamond. If one has a limitation of price, then they might go for fair or good option. A poor cut is a complete no-no, even though the size may be bigger. Here you canget the best price possible if you are planning to buy or evensell a diamond. Check here formore details.


If the clarity of a diamond is of high grade, then polishing factor would not have much of an impact.Fair to good grades are acceptable in polish, but the poor grade irrespective of whatever clarity grade it has, must be avoided.


Symmetry has a direct impact on the price of a gem. Diamond with good or excellent symmetry would have a higher price. Since diamond having poor symmetry would look defective, in all cases it should be avoided.


As it would be difficult to trace the right color in a controlled environment, go for a G-H grade in larger diamond and I-J grade in medium ones. A tinge of fluorescence adds to its value. All diamonds would not have fluorescence; it’s the traces of phosphorous in the structure that gives this property.


The most popular grade in clarity is VS1-VS2 and if one is a perfectionist then,go for VVS2 grades. With brilliant cuts like round, princess and pear you can go for S11 grade and with steep cuts higher clarity grade like VS1-VS2.


Certification is crucial as there has to be a way to evaluate the qualities of diamonds. A value is a combination of multiple factors.A body is formed that would have a set of criteria differentiating and categorizing these diamonds. GIA certification isthe most recognized certification. AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD are also the reputed one. Labs like IGI and EGL have relaxed grading standards. Go to stores whose certification is provided by reputable institutes. One can learn more by visitingthis website.


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