Stefano Maffei

Academic Lawyer, Expert in Human Rights, Criminal Justice & Extradition


about me

I am an Italian academic lawyer with large international experience, mainly in Europe, UK and the United States. My areas of teaching and research are Human Rights, Criminal law & Procedure, Evidence & Extradition Law.

I am qualified to practice law in Italy and I offer legal advice in extradition proceedings and complex cases that involve multiple jurisdictions, the European Court of Human Rights and/or defendants who face charges before foreign courts.

I am the founder and director of EFLIT, the largest program of "English for Law & Business" for Italian graduates in law & economics, lawyers, accountants and members of the judiciary. Every year, I teach in the Oxford Summer Program in "Legal & Business Practice" (early September) and I lead a group of European graduates, lawyers and judges in a study-visit to Philadelphia, in order to observe jury trials and meet lawyers, judges, prosecutors and the FBI (late April).


my professional history, up to now

2011 - Current


ECCLE - European Center for Continuing Legal Education

2006 - Current


EFLIT - English for Law & International Transactions

2005 - Current

Senior Lecturer in Criminal Procedure

Università di Parma

2011 - 2011

Visiting Professor

Temple Law School

2004 - 2004


EPLO (European Public Law Organization)


ECCLE - European Center for Continuing Legal Education

I am the organiser of ECCLE's three yearly international programs for European lawyers, judges, accountants and graduates in law

Every September, I teach "Legal skills" at the Oxford Summer Program in "Legal & Business Practice".

Every April, I lead a goup of participants to a Study-Visit to Philadelphia & NYC (USA), aimed at observing jury trials and meeting U.S. lawyers, judges and the FBI.

Every November, I lead a goup of participants to a Study-Visit to London (UK), aimed at observing jury trials at the Old Bailey, visiting the UK Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliment and at meeting Barristers and Solicitors.


EFLIT - English for Law & International Transactions

In 2006, I established "English for Law & International Transactions" (EFLIT) at the University of Parma. Today, EFLIT is the largest postgraduate program of legal & business English for Italian graduates, lawyers, accountants and judges.

EFLIT 'Classic', 'Premium' and 'Advanced' Programs combine linguistic and substantive skills, and are ideal for those who wish to improve their ability to engage in international transactions or seek admission to Master programs in Law and Economics in the USA and the UK.

EFLIT also teaches participants the skills needed to communicate effectively on professional matters with foreign clients and colleagues. Subjects covered include: false friends & professional correspondence, corporate law, litigation, contracts, tax law, business evaluation, client management and real estate.

Senior Lecturer in Criminal Procedure

Università di Parma

My lectures cover the Italian system of criminal procedure & evidence, including investigation, trial, simplified procedures, appeals & pre-trial detention rules.

I also teach the theory and practice of Extradition law, with regard to both the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and the surrender procedures through bilateral International Treaties.

Visiting Professor

Temple Law School

As a Fulbright Scholar, I worked at Temple University Beasley Law School to develop my research in criminal procedure & evidence and I spent several weeks observing jury selections and jury trials in State and Federal courts of Philadelphia.


EPLO (European Public Law Organization)

Project management of EU-funded projects of institution building and post-graduate education


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.


A project on New European Crimes and Trust-Based Policy - funded by the European Commission (2012-2015)


Design and Testing of new indicators to measure public confidence in justice across Europe - funded by the European Commission (2008-2011)

Extradition Expert Forum

A project on the European Arrest Warrant and Extradition around the World


New European crimes and Trust-based Policy

Take a look


Design and Testing of new indicators to measure public confidence in justice across Europe - funded by the European Commission (2008-2011)

View site

Extradition Expert Forum


where I spent time studying

University of Oxford

Doctorate (D.Phil) in Human Rights Law

2001 - 2004 During my doctoral studies I investigated the theory and practice of the "European" Right to Confrontation, the right of persons accused of a crime to examine witnesses against them (by virtue of Article 6-3-d of the European Convention on Human Rights). My final thesis was later published as a book ("The Right to Confrontation in Europe - Absent, Anonymous and Vulnerable Witnesses . Publisher: Europa Law Publishing, Groningen, 2012)

Harvard Law School

Visiting researcher in Compararive criminal procedure

2002 - 2003 Research in Comparative Criminal Procedure & Human Rights Law. Focus on the Hearsay rule and the Right to Confrontation in the VI Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

University of Oxford

Master of Study in Legal Research

2000 - 2001 One-year research degree in Law & Human Rights

Università degli Studi di Pavia

Law Degree

1994 - 1999 Final dissertation in criminal evidence & procedure
Final mark: 110/110 with distinction

Member of Collegio Ghislieri, Pavia.


what I can bring to the table

Legal Writing

International Law

Criminal Law


Human Rights



Public Speaking

Corporate Law

Legal Research

International Relations

Legal Advice

Civil Litigation

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Justice

European Union

Legal English

Public Relations

Legal Assistance


Privacy Law

Public Policy



what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me

Andrea Farace

Project Management @ DataManent

Stefano is an amazing teacher!!!

Stefano is one of those rare trainer who always shows a positive attitude approaching any job-related issue. With a background in Law and Legal translation, plus several years’ worth of experience as an educator, Stefano exhibits strong interpersonal skills during his Master lessons in Criminal Comparative Law at Unicri (where I was enrolled this year), and a unique capacity for empathy with the class. What I appreciated is, most of all, that he pays close attention to what you say in his lecture, trying to capture the essence of your requests. I can highly recommend Stefano for he's quality work and personal availability at any time

Leonardo Filippi

Docente universitario e Avvocato penalista

Stefano MAFFEI é un giovane ma attento studioso di sistemi processuali comparati. In particolare, ho personalmente avuto modo di apprezzare la sua profonda conoscenza del sistema processuale statunitense, sia a livello statale che federale, agevolata da una perfetta padronanza della lingua e da buone conoscenze di magistrati e avvocati locali. Sono certo che Stefano avrà grandi soddisfazioni da questa sua attività, e, allo stesso modo, gli auguro di raggiungere, come merita, i più alti obiettivi nella ricerca scientifica universitaria.

Maria Chiara Blasi

Associate at PLC Studio Legale

Stefano is a teacher with an outstanding knowledge.He is always up to date and, his working method is innovative and engaging...

Eugenio Vaccari

Italian Lawyer, LL.M. LSE, Expert in Corporate & Insolvency Law, Content Developer EFLIT

A mentor, an altruist person and an efficient professional. His only flaw is that it is too addicted to work. I am proud of being one of his friends and of having the chance to co-operate with him within the EFLIT and in the FIDUCIA project.

Elena Vaccari

Attorney-at-law, specialized in corporate law, international contracts and criminal justice

Stefano is an enthusiastic and very talented professional. I have been working for the post-graduate course EFLIT - English for Law, which he runs, since 2009. This gave me the opportunity to greatly benefit from his creativity and ongoing search for excellence in teaching.

Katia Marinangeli


Isabella Grassi

avvocato titolare presso Studio Bertani nello Studio Legale Grassi - Galaverna

Dovrei scrivere questa recensione in inglese, ma per evitare di finire negli esercizi da correggere, preferisco usare l'italiano.
Stefano è l'ideatore e principale relatore del corso EFLIT a Parma.
Corso che ho già frequentato, consigliato, fatto frequentare a mio marito e che ora stiamo rifrequentando insieme.
Ottimo da un punto di vista di preparazione, abbastanza ammiccante con la classe assai eterogena, che prevede studenti, praticanti e professionisti di divero genere, da avvocati a commercialisti, a bancari a manager, Stefano riesce a gestire tutti e a mettere tutti a loro agio.
Puntuale e gradita anche la mail riassuntiva post lezione.
Ottimo lavoro, continua così.

Anila Scott-Monkhouse

Teacher of English at Parma University

EFLIT has an innovative interactive format combining a focus on both language (i.e. English for Law, at B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference) and content (i.e. Law in English), and a “learn-by-doing” methodology. It is designed for professionals and experts in the fields of law (lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors, in-house counsels, pupils, and PhD students) and of business and finance (chartered accountants).
Thanks to Stefano's passion, enthusiasm and drive, the EFLIT project which he set up in Parma in 2006 has developed into a national project and has been officially recognised by professional associations for accreditation purposes in continuous education.

Patrick O'Malley

International Legal Consultant (Interpresas Consulting) and Professor of Law

Through EFLIT, Stefano has set up a forward-looking, innovative and practical program in Legal English and drafting, which in turn attracts talented jurists from many practice areas of the legal profession. Truly high quality all around. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with him and all the EFLIT team members around Italy.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Modena Area, Italy

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