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After 3 years as a Producers' Assistant, I just started as a Junior Art Director in another audiovisual company,
Super excited to be learning new stuff every day, I like doing images' researches & layouts for commercials / clips treatments, I'm in love with photography, dance and music! But I want to do more, improve my skills, and meet the right people! So, let's talk :)

If you want to know more about my experiences and how I'm where I'm at today.

10 / 2016 Current

QUAD Production

Junior Art Director

Just started out as a Junior Art Director !
Basically, I work with directors who are pitching on a project (commercial, content, music video) and I help them making a treatment so that the client can project himself into their idea of the film. I look for images and do a layout with the text so we can visualize better the film.

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Advertising Producers' Assistant

At Partizan we make feature films, commercials, music videos, as well as short films. I assist everyday producers in their projects, mostly in advertising, and am in charge of the good communication between agencies and us.In addition to this I do art direction, helping directors in their treatments for music videos and advertising. In those nearly 3 years I've had to be versatile in many fields.

06 / 2013 08 / 2013

Publicis Conseil

Art Director's Assistant

* Visual research, * Edit of advertising mock-ups on different budgets (Orange, BNP Paribas, Tefal, Renault...)* Conception and production of a digital campaign for Nescaf France(The concept is now used for every products' duel campaign)

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Production Assistant

* Assistant of production managers and producers, * In charge of submitting short films to (inter)national festivals,* Assistant in the direction on shootings,* Translations of directors' treatment, storyboardsAnd many more...

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Journalist Assistant

Assistant to the organization of the broadcast "L'Effet Papillon" presented by the journalist Daphn Roulier. * Scheduling* Layering & printing her note' cards for the broadcast* Assisting on the set + the control room

I've mostly been to the school of active life but also...

2012 2013


Global Communication of Companies & Brands

While learning all about communication means / marketing, I've truly found myself as a creative during group projects and in my internships choices.

Logotype Design #3

I've designed a logotype for the website "Super Nanas". They interview modern women in the art industry .

Logotype Design #2

I've designed a logotype for the website "Clip Clipser". They post everyday the latest interesting music videos, in terms of arts, cinematography, vfx, and production.

Images Search + Treatment layouts

For now I've put some boards into my "Gallery" section. Go check it out! I'll find a way to show more soon! So stay tuned!

Logotype Design #1

I've designed a logotype for the brand PV&Co., young designers stringing together pop up stores everywhere in Paris, which also had a corner at the Citadium center!

Conception & Production of a digital campaign for Nescaf France

I imagined a campaign for Nescaf's Facebook page, the concept was a dual between products. We asked Nescaf followers which one they like most, making them comment and share the post.

Digital campaign for Nescaf France #2

Which Cappuccino do you prefer? - Classic... Or Vanilla?

Digital campaign for Nescaf France #3

Tell us with you'd like to share a coffee in the whole world!

Digital campaign for Nescaf France #4

Iced Coffee... or Coffee Ice Cream ?







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