Michele Iurillo

Change Management, Social Collider and BI Consultant


Michele's bio

So Social... Be Social... Be Inbound

I use to call myself a "social collider". I like to connect different people in different situations. Today the use of social networks is essential in the professional world. I am a “farmer of relationships”: I always like to understand things in depth. I spent most of my life trying to put passion and value in everything I've done. I was lucky enough to have great travel companions, every professional, every encounter always left me something.

Today a lot of people like to present themselves as Social Media Professionals. I believe in customers and not the fans, I believe in conversions and not in clicks. I believe in a world where branding is created inside the Company and not in the offices of media agencies. Only few companies can say to take advantage of social networks as a sales channel. I do not trust on the web pages, I believe in the CMSs and in content strategies. One Direction. One Strategy. One Inbound Marketing action.

Business Intelligence, Business Process Management Systems

I'm fascinated by business intelligence because it the perfect way for companies to overpass the "who do” to "how to do" way. I made the start-up for an important Danish Business Intelligence Company in Spain. I took care of several conferences, about the importance of being managers of information and not business managers aimlessly. About the BPM: the knowledge of the company's true value. We can not let this knowledge without any control.

Asturias and Strategic Plans

Currently I'm living in Asturias, it's been like to reach a dream. I love this country, that I've discovered during my works of consultancy. I was responsible for strategic planning and I had the good luck to work on several projects here (Cangas de Onis, Llanes, Cangas del Narcea, Villaviciosa, Navia, San Martín del Rey Aurelio, Oviedo) and the Basque Country (Strategic Plan for Euskadi Roads). Previously I worked and lived in the Valencian Community. I participated in several projects and I also worked with several government institutions in different sectors. One of my specialization is the creation of collectives of entrepreneurs and business clusters.

Trainer, Conferee, Dynamics Groups and Customers Panels

I love to give and receive trainings. By the way, I worked with different Business Schools (ESIC - Valencia, Fundemi - Barcelona) and Universities (Valencia Polytechnic University - Faculty of Psychology Valencia, Faculty of Enterprise Management, Leon). I'm really able to easy manage dynamics of groups, by nature: it's my favorite team building tool to break down barriers between entrepreneurs and institutions.

Downshifting, Decrease and Unstructured Companies

We are living in an unstable environment, we had been a fun for a while. Nevertheless things are changed... We have to move from the comfort area to the area of concerns. We must understand that there are new paradigms and new ways of seeing things. We must act and we have to stop whining, in the memory of how beautiful was before, how comfortable was have a steady paycheck at the end of each month, how comfortable it was bought also what we could not afford... The crisis delivered us from many slavery as Einstein said: “The only crisis is the crisis of incompetence”. Labor, ethical and political incompetence and failure understood as “I exist, and I intend to spend" system.

The false security that the system provides, helps us to don't make us think. Fear of failure, fear of not being able to pull ahead it freezes us. And fear is the most effective inhibitor of change. Why not change.

"Money is the dung of the devil" but we need to feel in people. This is absurd. We pay the price of security and we are going to lose part of our brain.

But we do not want a frugal life. We love to appear, we not to be. We want the rest of us and to have an image of success. So we do not really live our lives, we continuously seek to live life of others, thinking to buy, to consume: no respect, no logic.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2008 - Current

Founder and Senior Strategic Consultant, BI & BPM


2010 - 2014

Founder & Editor in-chief

Valencia&Businesss, Madrid&Business Barcelona&Business, Asturias&Business

2010 - 2011

Country Manager


2005 - 2008

Strategic Consultant

Sealco Consultores

2003 - 2004

Account Director

Nexus Active Group

2001 - 2004


Rocket Jump (I.net Group British Telecom)

1988 - 2003



2001 - 2001

Sales Manager

NGI (I.net Group British Telecom)

2000 - 2001

Senior Account Manager

Text 100

1998 - 2000


Global Game Spain

1996 - 1999

Teacher and Tutor


1988 - 1996

Editor in chief

G.R.Edizioni Italy

1987 - 1988


F.T.E. Free time Editions

Founder and Senior Strategic Consultant, BI & BPM


Accounting differents customers. Strategic Planning, Financial Services, Business Improvement, Business Intelligence y BPMS.

About Synergo!
Synergo! was born to create the "Business Improvement". Our best value is the degree of commitment to our customers. The world is full of companies that are involved in advising other companies and we have not invented anything, just ourselves things work, the changes are such that the numbers tell us the truth. Synergo! Creates value for its customers thanks to the "cloud management" idea, attracting the best professionals and brightest young people to form a working group to take on the challenge of becoming a benchmark in strategic business solutions. Our Value proposal is oriented to strategy and technology.

We are focused on BI, BPM and CMS. We choose TARGIT because it's the best proposal in an MS Dynamics Environment. Business Intelligence it's not a only “a solution” it's the most important challenge for the next generation companies.

Founder & Editor in-chief

Valencia&Businesss, Madrid&Business Barcelona&Business, Asturias&Business


Be the sounding board quickly and efficiently Catalan, Valencian and Madrid area companies.

&Business is an effective means available to innovative companies and traditional Spanish, a means of free promotion, a tale of good practices and success tips, a point of contact between entrepreneurs excellent, a dynamic marketplace


A before and after in the visibility of the Business Communication

Being the most searched for and related to the company in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelone, an online journal with information fresh, fast and organized.

If your company does not have the visibility in the media it deserves, then &Business is a great opportunity. You can send your press releases directly to our system, we will review it and post it if it meets our ethical code of conduct.

Country Manager


Targit España is the Spanish distributor of the Business Intelligence software "Targit". "Decision in fewest clicks".
TARGIT Business Intelligence gives you clear insight and decision support with analyses, reports and intelligent dashboards in fewest clicks possible!
Targit it's the Best BI Solution for Nav, Aix and BusinessOne

Strategic Consultant

Sealco Consultores

Sealco is a Consultancy based in Valencia. Sealco offers solutions to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and individuals taking as a reference absolute providing value through an organization intelligently. Www.sealcoconsultores.es - Valencia, Spain

Account Director

Nexus Active Group

Nexus is a group formed by Business Enterprises Consulting, Corporate Architecture, Communication and Managing Brand - Active Nexus Group was born to generate the "Business Improvement". Nexus offers its services to Chambers of Commerce Networks, Business Associations, Institutions, Industry and SMEs. Www.nexusactive.com - Valencia, Spain


Rocket Jump (I.net Group British Telecom)

International franchise stores leisure-related video games, Internet and new technologies



Journalist Free Lance and correspondent from Spain some Italian newspapers - Valencia, Spain,

Tourism, Food&Wine (collaborations with differents editors)

Sales Manager

NGI (I.net Group British Telecom)

NGI Spa belonging to Group I. Net - BT, a company associated with the new technology and retail sales and higher product and videogames telecommunications (voice and data, ASP) through a related vortal - Várese, Italy (www.ngi.it)

Senior Account Manager

Text 100

Consultant in Public Relations Text 100 in Italy with a customer base as Vitaminic, CiaoWeb (Ifil-Fiat Group), Manugistics, Yahoo.
Text 100 is a multinational company, public relations and marketing comunication with a portfolio of clients such as IBM, Compaq and Xerox - Milan, Italy - (www.text100.it)


Global Game Spain

CEO and Director of Global Sales Game Spain (franchise games with a turnover of approximately € 1,300,000 in the year 2000) - Valencia, Spain

Teacher and Tutor


Teacher and tutor at school Tracor issues: Marketing, Journalism, Sales, Computer Graphics and Ofilmatica with MS Office product - Valencia, Spain

Editor in chief

G.R.Edizioni Italy

Editor of the following magazines Italian PCWindows, PCGame Parade (video), Net.Ropolis, Enigma Amiga Run (in this last task of carrying the Editorial Director) - Milan, Italy.


F.T.E. Free time Editions

Editor in different magazine.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

San Román

Competency Management

2010 - 2010 None

Mondragón Unibertsitatea

Liderazgo de Equipo y Desarrollo Personal

2008 - 2009 The course Personal Development Expert and Team Leadership is a postgraduate program organized by the Mondragon University. Has the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Álava and Gipuzkoa. Project is located within the Strategic Development of People and Equipment, Faculty of Business, University of Mondragon (MU) conducting training and research activities in the field of leadership and management development. Final proyect: Stratego! a new paradigm in consultant company

LLuis Vives

Drección Comercial y Marketing

1998 - 1999 Key of Master. -Detect the keys to a customer-focused business strategy. -Develop the basis for coordinating the action with tools Marketing Company. -Develop a plan of action to achieve commercial director objectives. - Assist sales managers to focus their daily management of the most efficient and innovative as possible looking for not only the profitability of your sales team but turning your key department in the company. - Making the most of the customer base. - Define a competitive business plan.

Ordine dei Giornalisti della Lombardia - Scuola di Giornalismo Walter Tobagi


1984 - 1988 None


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.

Strategic Plan: Guadassuar

Strategic Plan in Guadassuar (Valencia)

Startup of La Covarada (Tourism Project in Asturias)

Tourism Project

Strategic Road Safety Plan of Euskadi 2010-2014

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Asturias: Llanes, Cangas de Onis, Villaviciosa, Navia, SRMA, Cangas del Narcea

Strategic Plans with Asturian Government and Local Institutions

Inbound and Performance Marketing with Sony Spain

Performance marketing with differnts artists

Startup of 4 News Vortals

Asturias&Business, Madrid&Business, Barcelona&Business, Valencia&Business

Startup Tatchit Italy

Startup of a Swedish Company in Italy

Startup of TARGIT Spain

Startup of a Danish BI Player in Spain

Strategic Plan: Guadassuar

More info...

Startup of La Covarada (Tourism Project in Asturias)


Strategic Road Safety Plan of Euskadi 2010-2014

More info...

Strategic Plan Asturias: Llanes, Cangas de Onis, Villaviciosa, Navia, SRMA, Cangas del Narcea

He led the team developing differents strategics planes in Asturias. Working with entrepreneurs and local institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo and Asturias Government. We have dealt with design collective strategy local business


Inbound and Performance Marketing with Sony Spain

Differents Campaigns with Sony Spain. Social Media: Coordinating Facebook Campaign for differentes artists. Coordinating Google Ads Campaing for Sony Spain Artist Events with Kiver Company in Italy

Startup of 4 News Vortals

A brilliant project to allow companies to have an available media for direct communication. We joined the local concept with global and horizontal concept for creating a news platform for innovative companies in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. We have set up an Open CMS Systems and give the possibility to write original content to writers and put his news on Google News Platform.

Startup Tatchit Italy

The project goals is the development and sales launch of a Social Media Swedish company with offices in Milan, Stockholm and Athens. The goals of the project are the construction of a differential value proposition, building relational capital, placement of Tatchit as a company of reference in social media in Italy.Write a short description of the featured project, explain what it's about and what was your role in it.

Startup of TARGIT Spain

A very interesting experience in a multinational and multicultural environment. It was the first time working with a Danish company. The Business Intelligence has a bright future. It's great to help the
companies in making decisions.

Targit Site


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Strategic Planning

Business Intelligence



Business Intelligence Tools



Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Focus Groups

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Lead Generation

Performance Management

Performance Based Marketing

Business Process Design




Business Development

Social Networking

Public Relations

Business Strategy



Business Planning

Enterprise Software

Team Leadership

Change Management


Integrated Marketing



Business Process Improvement



Social Media




Online Marketing

Management Consulting

Sales Management

Team Building

Digital Marketing

Lead Generation

Market Analysis

Business Process


Online Advertising


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Ivan Astigarraga

Product Engineer en Cikautxo

Michele tiene grandes ideas y un todavía mayor corazón

Roberto Butinar

CEO at TARGIT Italy / Spain; senior sales and project manager in the BI / Big Data / Microsoft / MSDynamics space

Michele is a very skilled trainer and business consultant. With a strong and wide experience including comunication, IT, and business development, he is capable to combine an highly analytical approach with straightforward and passionate way to deal with people and do things. Overall he is a very energetic and trustworthy person, and it is a pleasure to work with him.

Nicola Massara

Chairman presso Heintzmann Italia S.p.A.

It is my very great pleasure and honor to supply this letter of recommendation on behalf of Michele.

I have been cooperating with him since 1999, under different circumstances.

Michele is an outstanding manager who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” in his administrative support to the companies he worked in, and continuously exceeded the performance standards for his position.

Paola Prearo

Owner presso Interhouse Real Estate

Michele is one of the most expert people I know in the B2B Social Media. It is very expert in professional social networks like LinkedIn, Xing, Plaxo. He helped me to position myself as a professional in these new media.

Eva Navarro ADLCarcaixent

Técnico en Desarrollo Local ¿Crecemos Juntos/@?

Gran profesional dentro del Desarrollo Territorial. Siempre sorprende por su iniciativa, empuje y creatividad en cualquier trabajo que aborda. Capaz de sacar cualquier proyecto adelante.

Eleonora Gandini

Consumer PR Manager IT & IE, Employees Comm at eBay

Michele is a serious and skilled professional. When we worked together in Text 100, he always helped me with is seniority in many kind of situations and choice I had to take. His skills as past journalist make him the perfect consultant in both b2b and b2c fields.

Maverick Greissing

CEO at GMC23 publisher of JAMIE MAGAZINE ITALY. CEO at Edizione Speciale, publisher of SuperBike Italia, Moto Dealer New

Michele is driven by passion but he also has the guts and determination to sit down and get the job done!


Doctor en C. de la Información, Master en D. de Marketing y apasionado de la comunicación

Michele es un gran profesional, entusiasta y con excelentes ideas. Es un honor y una suerte poder colaborar con él. Además es un experto en conducir dinámicas de grupo, como ha demostrado en numerosas ocasiones.

Enrico Barichella

Freelance as SAP FI Senior Consultant

Establishing business relationships with Michele provides a safe way to grant a return of investment because Michele is always challenging his business partners to improve efficacy and efficiency in their daily business activities.
One of the most relevant business attitude of Michele is his consistent motivation to focus on and pursue a target he set.

Maria Georgina Mena Moyano

Coaching y Desarrollo Humano

Quiero recomendar a Michele, porque durante el tiempo que compartimos en el Curso de Experto en MU, fue un gran compañero, siempre creativo, motivador y mostrándose predispuesto a colaborar con todos.
Le deseo mucho éxito en todos sus emprendimientos ya que en ellos pone todo su corazón y su ser.

Ettore della Campa

Studio owner

Michele is one of the most expert people I know in the context of social media in Italy. Pioneer on the web and on professional networks made ​​me realize first how to make better use of social networks to expand my professional possibilities. Very active in understanding customer issues and propose appropriate solutions. Great ability to listen and empathize with any type of customer. Great Guy!

César Llaca

Técnico en Centro de Empresas Municipal de Llanes

Honestly is a pleasure to work with people who provide a multidisciplinary approach in the work area to develop. Michele is one of these persons who increase value to the projects as a result of his strategic vision and the ability to relate concepts and resources. It is very easy to work with Michele because is very professional, reliable and creative.

Esteban Rodrigo

Strategy and Digital Business Manager en VLC NEWS

MIchele es de las personas que sorprenden desde el primer momento. Su capacidad de racionalización es tan grande que hace fácil cualquier trabajo. Su dedicación es inaudita, muy por encima de la media de otros consultores conocidos, por ello los resultados obtenidos superan siempre las expectativas creadas. Muy recomendable.

Ferruccio Zamuner

Software Analyst and developer

Michele has a great passion for his job and gets the things done.

Manuel Aduna

Empresario y Coach

Michele is simply singular and brillant.

Vicente J. Casanova

International Project Manager en [CONFIDENCIAL]

Michele is an enthusiastic and highly talented business management professional. He perfectly combines the ability to asses business and public administration opportunities with mastering several change management disciplines and insight from different industries, while leads the team to the pursued goal, with proper balance of respect and discipline. I am always open to work with him in near future projects. Thanks Michele for all what I have learned of you.


Director en Innovación, Decoración y Construcción INNDECO 2010 - DECORARMAS INNOVA

Michele is a very good professional in Strategic Consulting. Our experiencies with Michele and Sealco were very satisfactory.
He know the world of the human relations in the companies and control the conflicts perfectly. Is a very creative and nice person. Inspire confidence.

Ana Carrau Mínguez

Founder & CEO en Chiquiemprendedores. Experta en comunicación.

Michele es un "torbellino" profesional. Es impetuoso y tiene muchísima energía para ejecutar cualquier proyecto. Además de su amplio bagaje, tiene una gran capacidad de empatía y genera mucha confianza en su interlocutor, cualidades indispensables en un buen consultor.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Llanes, Spain


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