Monika Bacardi

Italian-born business-woman Lady Monika Bacardi is a woman of many challenges who doesn’t hesitate to add passion in the business mix.

Monika Bacardi

Lady Monika Bacardi is a woman of many challenges who doesn’t hesitate to add passion in the business mix.

Although she has been living in Monaco for the last two decades, she is the ultimate world-traveller, sharing her time between the United States and Europe. She is fluent in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish: no wonder she is considered one of the most influential businesswomen in the arts sector.

She cofounded the AMBI Group in 2013. She is also the co-owner of PHOTO Magazine after she purchased it in 2014. She is actively involved in numerous philanthropic ventures, using her knowledge and her connections to make the world a betterplace.

Monika Bacardi, a woman of many challenges

Monika Bacardi has always been drawn to the arts. Cinema, modern art and photography have alwaysmoved her. Her sensibility and her creativity should have made her an artist, but she chose to help other artists instead.

Monika Bacardi’s passion for the seventh art was the reason she founded AMBI Group in 2013 with her business partner, the Italian producer Andrea Iervolino. AMBI Group isa company based in Europe and North America with a sales branch office inBeverly Hills, California. It is dedicated to producing popular films for aworldwide audience. AMBI’s mission is undertaking to provide financial backingfor medium to high-budget international films featuring Hollywood big names. In order to do so, AMBI ushers marketable Hollywood up-and-coming talents and international actors, while providing an artist-friendly environment to filmmakers and talent willing to explore creative stories with global appeal.

Under Monika Bacardi’s leadership and support, AMBI Group has rapidly put together a robust slate of films they are financing and producing. AMBI Group produced eight feature films in 2014: the action-thriller “2047 Sights of Death” withstars Danny Glover, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Stephen Baldwin and Michael Madsen; the Barry Levinson drama, “The Humbling”, starring Oscar-winner AlPacino, and the crime-thriller “Hope Lost”. In association with Paradox Studios, AMBI Group createded the romantic comedy “All Roads Lead To Rome” with stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Raoul Bova, Paz Vega, Claudia Cardinale and Rosie Day.

In 2014, Monika Bacardi has deepened her engagement towards the international arts sector bypurchasing the legendary French Magazine:PHOTO. Her strategic vision aims at developing a variety of services dedicated to the photographers and artists. A strong network of stakeholders will allow PHOTO Magazine to provide career management services and establish relationships between artists and international buyers.

Monika Bacardi, Queen of Hearts

Monika Bacardi has always been sensible to others. She is profoundly involved in Monaco culturaland humanitarian activities, supporting the H.S.H Prince Albert II Foundation, as well as many other local and international humanitarian and charity organizations. She has been actively involved with the Red Cross, the Scientific Center of Monaco, and the Professor Khayat Foundation AVEC.