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About Us

MysticMedia is a multimedia agency that offers services in movie productions, communication management and web design supported by the latest technology. We are looking for creative projects, people with passion and creativity in multimedia design. Having team members in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Africa and Asia we are able to deliver our services to you nearly worldwide.

We would like to get to know you and your ideas to understand your real needs so that we can offer you well-designed projects.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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Our Services

MysticMedia Team

Here is a list of members of MysticMedia.


CEO of MysticMedia /Filmmaker & Producer

After a long history of travelling Francesco eventually arrived and settled down in Australia from 2008 onwards. He specialized in filmmaking and multimedia pro ... Read more


CEO of MysticMedia /Filmmaker & Producer

With over a decade of experience in filmmaking Guy found his passion in the field of documentaries. His studies of anthropology in Oregon enable Guy to portrait ... Read more


Creative Director

Having the main interest in the exploration of the diversity of culture, both locally and globally, Joanna is a writer of short films and of unique documentarie ... Read more


Graphic Animator

After finishing his studies in Multimedia design in 2011, Osama found his passion in graphic animation and specialised in it. He loves his profession and found ... Read more


Website Designer

With a decade of experience in Internet related services, Naveens strength lies in enabling small and medium sized organisations to take advantage of Internet a ... Read more

Matt Pfitzner

Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Photographer

Based in Katherine, Northern Territory, Matt has always had a passion for flying. As a commercial helicopter pilot, Matt is able to combine his love of flying w ... Read more


Editor, VFX artist and Colorist

Bart is an experienced editor, VFX artist and a colorist working for over a decade in post-production. He has a strong background in physics and computer scienc ... Read more


Music Composer

After attending the University of Lodz, Lucyan received the degree of the Polish philology (literature and linguistic sciences) in 1981. In 1983 Lucyan took an ... Read more



Originally from Germany, Chris studied Economics at the School of Business and Economics in Maastricht, The Netherlands. During his studies he focused on the ps ... Read more

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