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What to carry to a rehab

Rehabs are not as comfortable as home, but one can be comfortableenough. It is important to stay in a rehab so that your addiction can betreated. At Bridge Drug and AlcoholRehab your stay as well as your problem is well taken care of. Whether itis voluntary or you have been forced, the importance of your stay in there doesnot lose value. It is essential that you feel comfortable during your staythere. For this reason you are required to carry some things to the rehab. Mostof the things are provided but some are so personal they cannot be provided.Rehabs have rules and regulations about the things that should be carried. Besure to adhere to these rules. You can check the rules below or visit more information.

  • Toiletries
  • Medications

Addicts have other body conditionsthat need to be addressed even during the period they are in the rehab center.The medication should be inspected by the professionals in the rehab todetermine whether it is safe for use in the process of rehabilitation. Anaddict needs to carry sufficient amounts of ongoing medication to the rehab. Incase the supplies are finished, the rehab may not be able to provide themedication you use. Family members may bring the medication when they visit.More details on medication are foundhere.

  • Bedding
  • Clothing

Life in a rehab is meant totransform one to a better person that is able to think normally. To start with,you need to start thinking proper by making the right choices of clothing.There is no one to impress in the rehab. It is important that you opt to go forthe comfortable clothing rather than the beautiful ones that you might not becomfortable with. The number of cloth pieces should also be enough to go foraround a week.

  • Personalitems

As far as the rehab is supposedto have your attention, there will be some free time left for every addict todigest what is learnt. The time can be more than you expected and it istherefore important to keep yourself busy by something you like doing. You havethe freedom to carry around your magazine, novel and journals. When there isnot much of serious work like counseling, the personal time needs to beutilized well to prevent boredom and the temptation to think of consumingdrugs. This linkhas more details.

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