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Hire a Pro

Get help crafting the perfect profile and connect a custom domain to stand out from the crowd

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How does Hire a Pro work?

Step 1 Choose the pro service you need and complete the checkout.

Step 2 We match you with an industry expert from our network, who then contacts you directly.

Step 3 You work with your pro as they complete the service to your specifications.

Choose a Pro Service

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Resume Writing

A pro writer creates a perfectly worded resume just for you

Formatted and keyword optimized for proven success and visibility

Attention grabbing cover letter
$199 Hire a Pro Writer
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Profile Design

A pro designer creates a custom profile just for you

2 hours one-on-one with a designer

1 year of Pro subscription and your own custom domain
$299 Hire a Pro Designer
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Resume & Profile

The ultimate impression with the perfect resume and profile

2 hours one-on-one with a designer

Attention grabbing cover letter

1 year of Pro subscription and a custom domain
$449 Hire a Writer + Designer

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