Rhody Matthijs

Head of Communications @ SVOL

A short biography

Rhody was born in Leeuwarden on april 23rd, 1981.
After graduating from high school he started studying composition and musicproduction at the conservatory in Groningen.

He composed the score for, amongst other musicals, Ganesha - Een Perfecte God, Delphi!, Pay It Forward, Anastasia, Het Sleutelkruidand Oliver in New York.

His shows won several awards, like the Flemish Musicalaward for Best New Musical (Ganesha).

You can listen to some of Rhody's music here.

Rhody later became a marketing- and communication advisor.
He developed strategies for restaurants, educational organizations, retail companies and organizations in the public domain.

Rhody is currently living in Lelystad and working as the Head of Communications at Stichting voor Voortgezet Onderwijs Lelystad.


The professional history of Rhody. This says nothing about the future.


Stichting voor Voortgezet Onderwijs Lelystad

Head of communication & marketing

The future is looking bright.

Along with hundreds of pioneers, we give form and substance to a plan to achieve two educational clusters.

My job is to streamline the information, inspiration and motivation.

2015 2016

Stichting voor Voortgezet Onderwijs Lelystad - SVOL

Marketing and communications advisor


Platform Theoretische Leerweg

Communications advisor

Keeping the conversation going.


SG De Rietlanden

Communications advisor


Rhody Matthijs Music & Marketing


Creating and producing music en marketingstrategies. An odd combination enhancing the flavor.


Frank Sanders Akademie voor Musicaltheater


Writing music to enlighten theatrical moments.


Freelance Composer


Always just as many notes as necessary.

2010 2014

De Rietlanden


Liking and sharing. Writing and caring.

2003 2014

De Rietlanden

Music teacher

Trying to share my love of music with students from 12 to 16 years old.
Making them compose en arrange.

2002 2003

provincie Fryslan

Manager Digital Cultural Map

The new millennium marked the start of digitalization the cultural map of Fryslan.


Freelance Copywriter

Letters become words, words become sentences and sentences formed a story.


These are the shows I've written music and/or lyrics for and some other publications

Ganesha - Een Perfecte God

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JESS Magazine

Just let the client do the talking...

Dromen voor Lelystad

A platform

Pay It Forward

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Oliver in New York

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Jungle Book

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Sydney White

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Verborgen Legende

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Het Sleutelkruid

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