“Robi Mack was the perfect closing speaker and top ranking Keynote for our National Conference. The Keynote ended with what felt like a rock concert and guests left uplifted and energetic, needless to say our Conference finished on quite a high note! Robi was the icing on the cake." Whitney Shield, Marketing - De Lorenzo Hair and Cosmetics


Inspirational Keynote Speaker

As one of Australia's leading female Keynote Speakers, Robi takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster from pin dropping silence to roaring laughter. She is a great reminder of the value of a positive attitude when dealing with challenging situations as she draws upon the lessons from having been a Clown Doctor for ten years working in trauma environments.

Robi Mack is engaging, funny and passionate who's message is heartfelt and authentic, inspiring people to take stock of their current position in work and life and motivating them into action to improve their performance and productivity. Leaders and managers and people who participate in all levels of companies are shown that they have the choice to create the culture they work in, regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in.

Robi has had the privilege of belonging to a unique global community of Clown Doctors originally inspired by Doctor Patch Adams. Working as the much loved and vivacious 'Doctor-Have-a-chat', she spreadher brand of love and laughter to help minimise and relieve pain and suffering through the healing effects of humour. Robi's compassion, empathy and humanity linked to her emotional intelligence creates magical leadership.

As a Speaker Robi's message covers: Creating Culture, Team Cohesion, Perspective and Priorities, Decreasing the Drama, Stress Management and Self Leadership.

If you would like to energise your audience to learn and want to leave them on a high, then Robi Mack is 5 foot of fireworks that will light up the start or finish of any event.

"You made me laugh, cry, sing, blow a funny horn, but most importantly you stimulated me to look at what is really important in my career. I'm sure the entire audience close to 500 at our Annual Real Estate Sales and Leadership Convention at the Sydney Convention Centre felt the same." Michael Johnston - Pittard Real Estate Training Group.

World Class Corporate MC

As an MC Robi delivers an interactive and engaging performance that keeps things light, bright and energetic for the audience, providing much needed state change during a conference program yet still reinforcing conference themes and content to be remembered. A great MC is the catalyst or ‘glue’ of any event that helps facilitate and connect the audience to the messages being delivered. When vast amounts of time, money and energy are spent on bringing teams together to focus and learn, a great MC is your insurance of a return on investment.

Robi loves entertaining and uplifting audiences, be it facilitating an interview, entertaining them to lift their energy, or just helping herd everyone onto a bus! As an MC, she has worked with varied audiences from 120 managers on the Gold Coast to 500 Caltex retailers in South Africa.

If you want an MC who has a proven track record, a wealth of experience and who is going to be highly organised, entertaining and engaging, then you need Robi; she is a world class MC who can listen to your specific needs and strategic outcomes and then, for your event, make them her own.

“Robi bought her high energy and exuberance to the stage along with her wealth of talent and humour raising the engagement level of our 500+delegates at our International Conference. Our core messages were delivered and retained as they reinforced the positive once in a lifetime experiences the delegates were having. From focused attention to spontaneous laughter, from elegantly spoken introductions to lighthearted housekeeping, Robi’s enthusiasm was infectious and uplifting.” Karim Sumar - Convenience Retail Manager, Caltex

"Thanks for your support at our MBE conference, we have had exceptional feedback from clients and in fact I just got off the phone to one of them who raved about you and your ability to keep them engaged and attentive for the two days. From my perspective you were a delight to work with, very professional, very entertaining, presented with enthusiasm and passion and ensured the conference stayed on track for the two days. You made my job very easy as you basically managed the two days and the agenda – thank you! Louise Chamberlain - Marketing Diretor, Goldwell


WHAT is Dynamic Delivery

Dynamic Delivery is a practical masterclass for corporations and the public facilitated by Robi Mack - inspirational Keynote Speaker, world class corporate MC, Stagecraft Coach and Comic Entertainer, delivering the knowledge, tools and mindset on how you can rock the stage as Robi has done with audiences from 1 to 1000 people.Robi shares over 20 years of on stage experience and imparts the mechanisms and lessons she has learnt to engage, energise and emotionally move audiences.

WHY Dynamic Delivery will Benefit You

Whether you are a keynote speaker, trainer, manager, salesperson or someone who speaks to a team of people regularly, you need to connect, communicate and deliver your message so the listener relates to you and remembers you and your content.Dynamic Delivery will teach you how to improve your presentation technique and give you the tools to be more confident every time you deliver.

TAKE AWAYS from Dynamic Delivery

  • Preparation: The importance of preparation
  • Mindset: Build winning confidence
  • Positivity: How to use nerves and performance anxiety
  • Humour: Raising the energy in your presentation
  • Connection: Authenticity to make the audience feel
  • Impact: Use the stage and space for maximum effect

"Robi Mack is a brilliant speaker and fabulous coach of speakers. She is my go to coach for any thought leaders who want to have a stronger presence on stage. Her mastery of the platform is great!" Matt Church - Australian Speaker of the Year, Author of 11 Leadership books, Founder of Thought Leaders Global.

"Robi Mack is a consummate professional. Her ability to help you master the art of stagecraft is just as incredible as her talent and professionalism on stage. Robi possesses the rare skill of being at the top of her field and still able to coach and guide others in the most caring and motivating way. Robi will always be a person I look to for guidance and inspiration." Rachel Bourke - Founder


From Robi's years of experience performing in front of a variety of audiences, Robi offers her expertise in one on one stagecraft coaching sessions to those speakers, trainers and in-house industry presenters who are currently presenting or preparing new speeches to deliver to the marketplace.

Access Robi's insights to enhance your presentation, your keynote speech or training workshop;Robi will specifically look at stagecraft techniques and presentation delivery skills. Present your speech or training program to Robi and receive extensive feedback and direction, followed by the opportunity to work the direction into your presentation with Robi’s assistance.

"Robi was just brilliant. She didn't try to change my natural style but helped me enhance it to provide greater impact, strong humour and a more dynamic on-stage presence. I highly recommend Robi for any speaker who wants to dramatically enhance their stage presence." Gihan Perera - Thought Leader, Speaker, Author

"Robi's insights, advice and the whole experience of working with her was joyous! Her experience and knowledge of how to use the space, the stage, my voice and body movement was brilliant! Her creative input was invaluable." Lynne Cazaly - Speaker, Author

WHO is Robi Mack

Robi Mack is a vivacious, engaging and passionate Keynote Speaker, world-class corporate MC, and an exceptional Stagecraft Coach and Masterclass Trainer coaching professional speakers, in-house industry speakers and people in business how to amplify themselves and deliver their message from boardroom to ballroom.

Robi enjoyed an excellent ‘first career’ working as a full time professional entertainer, singer and comedian within the theatre, television and entertainment industry. Things changed dramatically when post natal depression took Robi to the depths of her own personal despair, a stark contrast to the laughter and delight she had given others. Learning to live again after recovering from crippling depression, she found her love of laughter again through giving, this time as a Clown Doctor working in Sydney’s children's hospitals.

Using her zest for living, her energetic and uplifting leadership message inspires people to connect with their humanity so that they lead more fulfilling lives and have richer relationships with themselves and others in the workplace and at home – powerful self leadership is what she’s all about.

"Thanks Robi we thoroughly enjoyed the day and the time working with you; we were just thrilled with the outcome. Your creative presentation and messages were supported by flawless execution, we could not have asked for anything more." Johnson & Jonhson Consumer Sales.

"Wonderful! A great non-police spin on leadership and abilities, fantastic! In fact you were the most popular presenter for the entire day. Very relevant to leadership and women in the workplace; would be extremely happy to recommend Robi to others." NSW Police Force Spokeswomen's Conference


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