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A Little About Me

Hello,I'm Charene Henderson!I'm a Metaphysical Life Coach of over 15 years, and I'm also a Clairvoyant Empath.I believe that everyone is intuitive.There are different levels of intuition awareness, however, many are not aligned or attuned to the awareness of their individual life-force essence and how its vibrational rhythms truly works in their life, in order that they may manifest into this realm the life they desire.Because of this, many live life without understanding the basic principles of Universal Laws, which play a HUGE role in our everyday lives.This is where I, a Life Coach, Clairvoyant Empath, and Metaphysical Lecturer can assist.My purpose in this life is to assist others in ascending into (or to) their Highest Divine nature, as they continue the journey we call life!

Charne L Henderson

Charene is an excellent charismatic speaker with the gift of healing, by rejuvenating the mind and soul. In addition to her professional speaking abilities, she is also a Business & Humanities Professor, Reiki I and a Sacred Triad healer, and a effective Meditation Coach for beginner's. Sheis an avid researcher of inner being and universal concepts. Charene utilizes her public speaking skills to present unconventional enlightenment tools in business and other public forums.She welcomes opportunities where her knowledge of transitioning life into positive situational outcomes can be most beneficial to others!

As an Empowerment Life Coach, Charene has helped many find balance in their lives through her one-on-one coaching sessions.Many people around the globe consider her to be a natural spiritualmentor and teacher.She consultsone-on-one with her clients, providing transitional life advice on a morepersonal level. She has conquered multiple life changing experiences, making itpossible for her to understand the challenges of a full variety lifeissues.She understands the process ofunexpected changes and the challenges of moving through each transition inlife.Expert in the field of life coaching, Charene has been called on to counsel a variety of life situations,from the low key to critical status.If you're ready to Break Free of the chains of negative influences in your life,Charene is available to assist you one-on-one!

As an Empowerment Life Coach for many she assists clients throughout the U. S.! Connect with her today for a life changing coaching session!


Explore my professional history and get to know the roads I've traveled thus far in Life!

2000 - Present

Empowerment Life Coach & Metaphysical Lecturer

Rescue Rangers OPES, LLC

2002 - PRESENt

Henna Artist

Henna Beauty 4 U!

2012 - 2015

IT Software Trainer/Business Professor

Medical & Business Colleges

Empowerment Life Coach & Metaphysical Lecturer

Rescue Rangers OPES, LLC

Henna Artist

Henna Beauty 4 U!

IT Software Trainer/Business Professor

Medical & Business Colleges


My professional background always seems to surprise many because of the path I've chosen for my life as a Life Coach and Henna Artist! It always makes me laugh when I receive responses of "really" when I state I hold degrees.

Central Michigan University

Human Resource Administration - Master of Science

2006 - 2007

Northwood University

Business Administration Management

2003 - 2005 Describe your experience at this college during your studies. Say what you accomplished, what you're proud of and what you've been known for there. You can even replace an icon with a logo of the university.


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

L.O. Chamberlain (Motivational Speaker)

Life Coach Consulting

Thank you for a beautiful session!. Your service and advice showed me the bigger picture. You are compassionate and true to your word. My life has changed for the best and my spiritual path is clearer now. Again thanks for taking the time to consult me and being there for me. You are truly an Angel and I am grateful to have you in my life!

S Grams - Business Owner

Life Coaching Consulting

When I first met Charene I was very sick. Threw a progression of life events I was drained physically after having twins in turn draining me mentally from lack of sleep. Years of this started to take its to take a toll on my body mind and spirit. Not realizing that in my quest to take care of my family I neglected myself. Having our body mind and spirit in balance is very important. When the body is sick the mind and spirit follow. With Chars help we were able to bring balance back into my life. Today I am stronger physically, mentally and spiritually!

Benjamin H. – Advertizer & Spiritual Mystic

Life Coach Consulting

Thanks so much Charene! Your Life-Coaching consulting was not only revealing it was accurate as well. Sometimes it's good to be able to see ahead when you know there is going to be adversity or a challenge, especially at work. With your consulting, I was able to plan accordingly and I got the promotion! Thanks again!

KaTina--Natural Wellness Life Coach

Life Coach Consulting

When I first started studying Metaphysics in 2009, Charene was my Life Coach. She took the time to teach me about Crystal Stones/Rocks and the Energies/Properties they hold. She also taught me how to Meditate, Positive Affirmations, Angels & Spirit Guides. I am Forever Grateful for you, Charene!

Carol - Business Owner

Life Coach Consulting

Charene, thank you for the wonderful, accurate reading on Saturday. When I made the appointment, I didn't realize it would be you. I encountered you over a year ago at a restaurant. You were seated at a table near mine. When you got up to leave, you came over to me and handed me a flyer about Chakras. I was unable to attend the class and never came to know you at the time. It took me a bit to put the pieces together of where I had seen Charene. The working of Spirit always amazes me, because here you are again in my life!

Nicole, R.N.

Life Coach Consulting

Charene... you took me from an awful and sad and dark place... a feeling of such low place to such peace and enlightenment and hope. Connected me with my angels that love me and are helping me through. I have hope now. I have excitement for my future. And now when I feel like someone is there... they are. I can not thank you enough. There are no words to express my gratitude. I mean this from the bottom of my heart Charene... thank you!


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