Ty Swartz, MBA, CPP, USN Ret.

Reservations Sales Itinerary Planner at Walt Disney World

Ty's bio

Data is almost never sexy without creative talent. As a confirmed geek and proven creative, I thrive to connect the dots and see data driven growth through calculated content marketing management that Engages, Entertains and Empowers customers. A highly talented and accomplished public relations/communications executive with extensive experience enhancing organizational images within diverse global markets through the development and execution of ground-breaking marketing, digital/online, public relations, promotional and community outreach campaigns across multiple platforms, including securing media coverage in the New York Times, BBC, USA Today, Reuters, Time, and the Associated Press .

Proud United States Veteran who is known for successfully leveraging a vast network of media connections to secure positive and comprehensive coverage. Exceptional strategist with the ability to develop long-term strategies, key objectives and operational execution plans based on organization best practices as well as maximum growth and productivity. Detail-oriented self-starter with excellent oral and written communication, analytical, organizational and presentation skills.

Strong academic qualifications include a Master of Business Administration in Program Management from Brenau University, Career Switcher Certificate from Regent University and Virginia Postgraduate teaching licensure in Business and Technology. Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Certificate of Communications from the University of Oklahoma.

I look forward to meeting you! You can reach me at (757) 238-0511 or [email protected]


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.


I've been fortunate to attend a variety of schools dedicated to training, education and business with advanced training in photojournalism and video production.

Brenau University

Project Management

2010 - 2014 In today’s fast-changing business environment, projects are being used more frequently to plan and implement the changes needed by organizations. Project management is the discipline of defining objectives, developing plans, marshaling the necessary resources, and accomplishing tasks on schedule and within budget. Project managers are professional change agents who assume responsibility in a wide range of industries and organizations.

Regent University


2012 - 2013 The Career Switcher Alternative Route to Licensure program is designed to enable individuals from various occupational and life experiences to make a career switch to teaching and become a middle school or high school teacher.

Cambridge College

International/Global Management

2006 - 2008 The program provides leadership and management skills and an introduction to the best of current industry practices in private, public and non-profit organizations.The curriculum consists of a core of management foundation coursework combined with numerous concentration and elective options that allow students to specialize in areas of interest. The application of theory to management practice is emphasized. A required management seminar series focuses on the development of “people management” skills and the integration of knowledge acquired throughout the program.

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Workforce, Education & Development w/Specialization in Training

2000 - 2003 In support of the mission of the Department of Workforce Education and Development, the two-fold purpose of the Organizational Training and Development (OTD) undergraduate specialization is to prepare occupationally competent people in the areas of instruction and learning, program development and management and supervision.

University of Oklahoma

Joint Course in Communications

2001 - 2001 The Department of Defense Joint Course in Communication is a combined program under the auspices of the Director, American Forces Information Service, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.The Department of Defense, in conjunction with the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma, provides a two-month course in communication for the military's public affairs professionals.

The class provides a crash-course in all areas of communication studies. At the conclusion, students work in groups on a final project, applying the theories they have studied to resolve an actual military public affairs problem.

DINFOS (Defense Information Schools)

Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology/Technician

1998 - 1999 To provide entry-level specialty training for video documentation and broadcast
communicators to support public affairs, combat camera, and broadcast journalism missions throughout the Armed Forces.

The graduate is prepared to perform skills in video documentation and
broadcast journalism.

In Functional Area 1, the apprentice communicator is introduced to Service specific tasks that range from preparing and releasing information to the media, to understanding how to set up a unit web site.

In Functional Areas 2 and 3, the apprentice communicator is prepared to write
and announce broadcast news and spot information pieces. The apprentice communicator has learned voice dynamics and developed broadcast voice delivery skills for radio and video production.

In Functional Area 4, the apprentice communicator is able to deliver various radio shows, including news and music, and audio spot production, and has examined the principles of recording and editing.

Functional Areas 5 and 6 expose the apprentice communicator to basic video shooting and editing, lighting skills, captioning, and studio operations, as well as more complex tasks such as spot, feature, and documentary production.

DINFOS (Defense Information Schools)

Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication

1998 - 1998 To train selected enlisted personnel and civilian employees of DOD components in
the principles, techniques and skills required to perform the duties and functions of public affairs specialists.

The graduate is prepared to perform skills as a public affairs specialist (supervised). The successful student can interact with command, community and media, and prepare and release information to report news and command information in accordance with applicable directives.

This apprentice has studied and practiced theory, concepts and principles of
public affairs, media relations and community relations. The student has applied various research methods and fundamentals of journalism to include acceptable media English as it applies to news writing with emphasis on style, format and techniques, and practiced basic operation of the digital camera and photojournalism skills.

This graduate has successfully written news leads and headlines, and news and feature stories, and practiced publication design and layout.

Naval Schools of Photography

Film/Video and Photographic Arts

1991 - 1992 The BSP course provides instruction in theory and application of photographic fundamentals, captioning, optics, light sources, camera operations for controlled and uncontrolled photography, exposing, processing, and printing color images.

Electronic imaging with digital cameras, imaging and graphic software, image transmission, archiving, and editing are trained in theory and hands-on applications for documentation and communicating DoD themes and messages.


I have had an amazing career with a variety of opportunities to work with visionary people.

America East SBA Lenders Conference (2011)

Three day conference focused on new SBA programs and initiatives to support exporting, tapping the under-served community and provide training on a variety of SBA policies and procedures. America East (Flyer)

Master Technology Plan (2014)

The Virginia Beach Communications and Master Technology Plan book is a collaboration of Multimedia Services and COMiT. Master Technoloy Plan (download)

VB Insider (2014)

VB Insider is a custom slideshow containing useful, easy-to-access information about Virginia Beach. This information is shareable with friends and family and visitors will be able to contact the City of Virginia Beach directly for additional information. VB Insider

Welcome Home (2003)

Video produced at Naval Base Ventura County for Dolly's Parton's For God and Country album. Welcome Home

A Matter of Trust:

A Prospectus on Improving Levels of Trust between Military Public Affairs and the Media. Capstone - A Matter of Trust:

Operation Junkyard (2002)

2 Teams battle to be the Ultimate Junksters in this kids version of "Junkyard Wars" Operation Junkyard

The Wheel of Fortune (2002 - 2003)

Hosted by Pat Sajak, this game show features 3 contestants who try to solve a puzzle by spinning the wheel and guessing letters in a word or phrase. The Wheel of Fortune

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2001 - 2004)

After Johnny Carson's retirement from the show, Jay Leno stepped in as his permanent replacement. The format of the show has remained largely unchanged, consisting primarily of an opening humorous monologue, followed by several celebrity interviews, comedy sketches and musical numbers. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

"24" (2002 -2003)

Jack Bauer, Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster. "24"

NCIS (2003 - 2004)

The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. NCIS

JAG (2001 - 2004)

The cases of Harmon Rabb, former Navy fighter pilot, and his fellow lawyers of the US Navy's Judge Advocate General's office. JAG


Deeply ensconced in a top-secret military program, three pilots struggle to bring an artificial intelligence program under control before it initiates the next world war. Stealth

Danger Zone: The Making of 'Top Gun'

A comprehensive 6-part documentary on the making of "Top Gun" featuring all-new interviews with the cast and crew. Available on Disc 2 of the "Top Gun" 2-Disc Special Collector's Edition DVD. Danger Zone: The Making of 'Top Gun'

Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher, a young Navy man, is forced to see a psychiatrist after a violent outburst against a fellow crewman. During the course of treatment a painful past is revealed and a new hope begins.
Antwone Fisher

The Core

The only way to save the Earth from catastrophe is to drill down to the core and set it spinning again.
The Core

Sum of All Fears

CIA analyst Jack Ryan must thwart the plans of a terrorist faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's newly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore. Sum of All Fears


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Media Relations

Public Relations

Strategic Communications

Social Media

Internal Communications


Press Releases

Crisis Communications



Public Speaking


Marketing Communications

Video Editing

Program Management


Speech Writing

Crisis Management



Social Media Marketing

Corporate Communications

Event Photography

Event Management

Digital Marketing


Risk Management

Event Planning


Studio Lighting

Film Production

Social Networking

Change Management

Published Author

Emotional Intelligence

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Leading Change

Broadcast Television

Media Planning

Speaking Engagements

Stakeholder Relations

Motion Pictures

Integrated Marketing


Project Management

Email Marketing

Google Analytics

Team Building

Business Development


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Norfolk, Virginia Area

(757) 238-0511

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