Vapordeal Sanders, Ph.D

Sr. Communication Specialist, Adjunct-Faculty

Vapordeal's bio

Dr. Vapordeal Sanders of Dr. Vapordeal Sanders and Associates has over 25 years' experience in business, and education. She is a consultant, speaker, and trainer versed in a wide range of topics. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Sanders is the owner and Sr. Communication Specialist of her small business, Dr. Vapordeal Sanders and Associates, addtionally, she has held various management positions with 3M Company and Control Data Corporation and served on the adjunct-faculty of the University of Minnesota, Metropolitan State University and Rogers State University and currently Upper Iowa University. She is contributing author of two monographs, Valuing Differences in the Workplace and Issues Facing People of Color and contributing author of The Diversity Symposium Conference Proceedings. Her dissertation research title is: “The Use of Videotape for Studying Nonverbal Communication in Social Settings”.

Dr. Sanders' volunteer work includes: Aspire Therapeutic Riding Board of Directors,Founding Member of Diversity Collegium, University of Minnesota Lifetime Alumni, University of Northern Iowa Lifetime Alumni (former on Alumni Board of Directors),Faces of Excellence Committee and is listed on Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church’s Webpage as their First Leader and a Founder.

Dr. Sanders received her B.A. (minor in journalism) and M.A. from the University of Northern Iowa and her Ph.D from the University of Minnesota all three focused in speech communication. She is the first recipient of the University of Northern Iowa Young Alumni Award, listed in Outstanding Young Women of America, recipient of the KBBG Radio Native Daughter Award and Key Award and Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 1st Leader and Founder Award.

I introduce to some and present to others, Dr. Vapordeal Sanders.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.


Dr. Vapordeal Sanders and Assol. Proprietorship (Small Business Entry)

Owner/Sr. Communication Specialist

1976 2003

Education Institutions

Adjunct-Faculty (Fiscal Contingent)

1981 1991

CDC & 3M (Fortune 500s)

Communication Specialist and Training Manager


Dr. Vapordeal Sanders and Assol. Proprietorship (Small Business Entry)

Owner/Sr. Communication Specialist

Moved over 25 organizations to state of the art manager and individual contributor approaches, through Speech Communication Empowerment Intervention(s), using customer preferred formats for: one on ones, small groups or audience settings.

Led three pilot groups to a legal said organization level (one after taking sabbatical), Pursued post explorations of female leaders in community, business and spiritual settings.

Current Sub-contracts: Consumer Directed Attended Care. Reduced health communication frustrations and empowered individual(s) with supportive approaches for health maintenance. Family Solutions III. Reduced behavior incidents and empowered children, youth, parents and families with behavior skills.

1976 2003

Education Institutions

Adjunct-Faculty (Fiscal Contingent)

Engaged and empowered students through state of the art teaching in communication courses at:

1. Upper Iowa University, Dept. of Business and Dept. of Arts and Humanities, 2016; Managerial Communication and Public Speaking.
2. Rogers State University, Department of Communication, 2003-2004; Public
3. Metropolitan State University, Communication Department; 1984-2001,
Fundamentals of Speech, Public Speaking, and Interpersonal Communication Courses.
4. University of Minnesota Speech Communication Studies Department, 1977-2001;
Fundamentals of Speech, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group
and Nonverbal Communication.

Enhanced quality of residence hall living through cutting edge approaches in role of Assistant Hall Director and Resident Assistant at the University of Northern Iowa, 1976-1977

1981 1991

CDC & 3M (Fortune 500s)

Communication Specialist and Training Manager

3M: Moved the organization’s 700 mangers and 2500 supervisors to state of the art people skills through training programs at their levels. Achieved organizational quality change through company-wide performance appraisal system. as well as valuing and managing diversity program. Changed 500 executives' approach from band aid to coaching and personal development plans.

CDC: Changed 10 departments from fragmented to integrated, marketing communication plans.
Improved people quality through career advising 250 people and speech training in 10 courses.
Enhanced 250 executive’s dissemination of information through speech coaching sessions and supportive articles with cutting edge information in company magazine.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

1991 1991

New York University Executive Education

On Becoming Whole: Being Woman, Successful and Black

Completed a two week intense executive education program with emphasis on personal development.

1991 1991

Duke's Fuqua School of Business

Manager Development Executive Education

Completed a two week intense executive education program with emphasis on manager development.

1977 1980

University of Minnesota

Speech Communication - Studies

Acquired a Doctorate of Philosophy with emphasis in Speech Communication. Dissertation Topic: : Use of Video Tape for Studying Nonverbal Communication in Social Settings (Copy - without video tapes available through inter-library loan)

1976 1977

University of Northern Iowa

Speech Communication

Acquired a Masters of Arts with emphasis in Speech Communication

1973 1976

University of Northern Iowa

Speech Communication

Graduated in 3 years Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts with emphasis in Speech Communication.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Public Speaking



Strategic Planning


Program Management




Creative Writing



Research (focus group, survey)

Marketing Communications

Keynote Speaking

Managing People and Tasks

Speech/Ghost Writing

Journalistic Writing

Meeting Management


Conducting Performance Appraisals

Modifying Prepackaged Training Programs

Designing New Training Programs

Facilitating Training Programs

Founding Organizations


Community Outreach

Customer Service


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Mpls., MN

1st Leader and Moderator

By faith, Dr. Vapordeal Sanders became the first leader and church moderator, and the first worship service was held on December 21st, 1992 at West River Point.

Rev./Dr. Janet Johnson at University of St. Thomas

Support and Understanding

During the course of my study, though personal sacrifice, selflessness, and without material reward, you bestowed the support and understanding without which my graduation would not have been possible.

William at City of Eden Prairie

Insightful Remarks

Thank you for your outstanding speech at our Human Rights Award and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Recognition dinner. We have received numerous expressions echoing appreciation of your insightful remarks. This was our first Human rights Award and Recognition dinner and I am veery happy that you accepted the invitation to be our keynote speaker.

Richard at City of St. Paul Dept. of Police

Overwhelming Positive Feedback

I have received overwhelming positive feedback from the Emergency Communications Center personnel who attended your presentation. I am confident that you have helped to reduce the stress level in these individuals by helping them first to understand their situations and second to develop some skills to better manage those situations. Thanks again for your excellent training session

Raymond at US Dept. of Interior - Bureau of Reclamation

Enjoyable Learning Experience

I would like to convey my thanks for your presentation on valuing diversity. Your presentation was educational and timely. From comments, participants had a very enjoyable learning experience and have a new appreciation for the impact that valuing and managing diversity has on organizations.

Terry at Pillsbury-Waite Neighborhood Services, Inc.

Taking Time to Share

Your workshop was implemented with such enthusiasm and sincerity. I am sure it will serve to motivate all who attended to work toward better communication with family members. Personally it has been my honor and pleasure to have shared time with you. It contributed to my personal development.

Diana at Waterloo Community Schools

Dynamic and Motivational

As our keynote speaker and large group facilitator for Teens in Multicultural Associations, you set the tone for our gals of increasing self esteem and cultural awareness (Sponsored by Iowa State University). The students continued to mention some of your key points in small group discussions. Your presentation at the orientation dinner was also dynamic and motivational

Sister Mary at Regina High School

Inspiring and Informative

Thank you for your excellent address to our students. Your message was inspiring and informative for our young women. We strive to challenge our students in our "Pride in Women" Lecture Series. Your presentation was certainly in keeping with our program.

Anne a Student

Taking Time to Help

Thank you so much for helping me with my class project. I found our discussion very informative and very enjoyable. It helped out a great deal. Again, thank you for sharing your time.

John at Wichita State University

Enthusiastic Response

I am still receiving numerous positive comments from students and faculty members who were extremely impressed by your lectures in our classes last week. Without question, your visit has been an invaluable insight into and appreciation of the corporate structure. Thank you for taking part of your vacation to share your expertise with our students and faculty.

Mary at College of St. Catherine

Interesting and Exciting Presentation

The entire oral communications class was impressed with both the dynamic topics and your excellent, professional delivery. Your discussion on kinesics, paralanguage, spatial relationships, haptics and proxemics had us all enthralled. I looked around during your speech and all eyes and ears were glued on you.

Leah at Metropolitan State University

Outstanding Teaching Award

Your name was among the names forwarded to the Student Executive council as a nominee for the outstanding teaching award. It is people such as yourself who insure the high quality of education at Metro.

Leah at Metropolitan State University

Excellence in Teaching

Your name was among the nominations considered for Excellence in Teaching Awards (again) . ... students value the efforts you make on their behalf. Nominations are made by graduating students, a committee of the Student Executive Committee makes the final selections.

Elizabeth at Metropolitant State University

Prose and Poetry Simply Wonderful

Your program, "Prose and Poetry by and about Women" was simply wonderful. Smiles, laughter, wonder and tears -- there aren't too many lunch hours like that! It was a wonderful way to celebrate International Woman's Day

Elizabeth at Control Data Corporation

First-rate Job

Vapordeal, what a great job you're doing with the NewsBoards. I have had a chance to see the photo and the real thing, and it is absolutely magnificent. It is also something this company desperately needs. It's going to take a real effort to make this succeed, and I'm confident you're the right person to make it happen. Congratulations on a first-rate job.

Sara at Control Data

Successful End Product

Thank you for your contributions to the Direction Project. Your part in the effort, the Executive interchange research was an excellent product. Your attention to detail, sense of urgency and meticulous coordination of questions/answers/reports contributed greatly to a successful end product. Thank You.

Rose at 3M


Thanks for the quality supervisory program you conducted. Having you for our facilitator certainly made the learning most enjoyable.

Michael at 3M

Looking Forward to the Next Phase

Please accept my thanks for allowing Dr. Sanders to conduct our Performance Appraisal and Development Training. She was most professional, articulate and to the point. The new process will truly fit with JIT, Optimized Operations, Focused Factory and 3M business objectives. If requests are being accepted we would truly like to have her return for the second phase.

Bob at 3M

Productive Instruction

The content at first didn't appear to be quite what I expected ... By the time I "graduated" I reflected on this class as the most productive instruction I've experienced with 3M. I understand that all 2400 managers and supervisors will; attend this c;ass and I am really pleased that all of us will be exposed to resources of this caliber. Keep up the good work.

Ted at 3M

Revitalized Attendee

Vapordeal you've revitalized my belief in participative managaement - Thank You.

Nancy at IFMA

Conference Success

Thank you for being a speaker at IFMA. The success of our annual conference is due in large part to the contribution of speakers like yourself.

Judi at Institute of International Research [IIR]

Dynamic Conference Speaker

Thanks again for speaking at another IIR Diversity Conference. The attendees evaluated your presentation 4.5 on a scale of 1-5. There comments included: "dynamic presenter, substantive information, good energy, excellent facilitator, on the mark, talked to me - not at me, practical and well resented"


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